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Easy DIY Tie Blanket

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew)

Last weekend was horrible. Just off a plane from an amazing trip to Hawaii, I was hit with an upper respiratory infection that, literally, knocked me off my feet. I slept 16 hours on that Saturday. I don’t think I have ever slept 16 hours in one day. I would wake up, cough, sneeze, cough some more and go back to sleep. I am still fighting back to my 100%. The worst part of it, though, was that I had nothing in the house to help me through it. No Theraflu, no Campbell’s® soups, nothing. With cold and flu season hitting us hard, I had to stock up. When I finally felt able to leave the house I made a beeline for Kroger and a myriad of products that I really wanted to have on hand should this hit me, or my kids, again. In addition, I picked up material to make my very own Easy DIY Tie Blanket because, no matter what I did, I was always cold.

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) for warmth

Kroger always has everything I need for stocking up. When I am sick, I am never hungry but I always want something to eat. So picking up Campbell’s® Chicken Noodle 4 Count 4 Pack just makes sense. I can not tell you how many times I went to the cupboard looking for soup. Campbell’s® soups warm you up when you need it most. As the temperature drops or when I’m sick, I crave things that warm me up and bring the comfort of home.

Get great savings while stocking up

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) at Kroger

I never feel like I can be sick without time proven Nabisco PREMIUM Crackers. Whether I put them in my soup or just eat them to settle my stomach, they are a mainstay in this house that always helps me through cold and flu season. We all know that they can be a wellness cracker for upset stomachs, morning sickness, etc, so it makes sense to have them in the cabinet during cold and flu season.

One of the hardest things for me to do when I was sick was fall asleep. I would doze off and then cough myself awake. I yearned for Theraflu Daytime Severe Cold & Cough Powders. You just mix it into a cup of hot water and drink it down. It is warm and comforting as it works. It provides Powerful relief without a prescription.*

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) and stuff from Kroger

My other irritation when sick was not being able to settle down to sleep well. I am a tea drinker, with hot tea being on the menu almost every day. Lipton Lipton Bedtime Bliss Herbal Supplement just settles me down. So it was, of course, on my stock up list.  Bedtime Bliss  includes Chamomile, Mint, and Orange Peels and is a Caffeine Free Herbal Supplement.

Last but not least, I am well aware that my kids are not immune to getting what I have. So I made sure that I stocked up on Children’s Tylenol® + Cold Multi-Symptom Grape 4oz for  the day that they come to me and tell me that they feel terrible. It is a grape flavored liquid made to tackle your child’s tough multi-symptom cold by temporarily relieving runny noses and headaches, quieting coughs and reducing fever. Children’s TYLENOL® Cold + Flu Oral Suspension contains acetaminophen. Use only as directed.

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) and a cute cup

Now that I am all stocked up, I need to tackle the cold problem. I love blankets but none that I have seemed to give me that warm and fuzzy feeling I craved. So, I made my own. I did not specifically follow any measurements, as I never do on these, and they always turn out great!

Here are the steps for an Easy DIY Tie Blanket.

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) for me and my dogs

  1. Have the fabric store cut you 2 1 1/4 yard pieces of fleece. Whichever ones you like. I chose a dog pattern and a cream colored to be the back.
  2. Lay the fabric out and match the corners.
  3. Cut a 3 or 4 inch piece out of each corner to prevent bunching
  4. Using you scissors, cut ‘fringe’ along the sides. Go about 3 -4 inches in so you have room to tie.
  5. Double knot the pieces around the edges, tying the first tie somewhat loosely to prevent bunching.
  6. Start from the inside out and work your way out to the corners, leaving the ones on the end until the very end. This will also help with no bunching.
  7. When all but the ends are tied, move to them and tie them after pulling to stretch the edges to flat.
  8. You are done!

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) - start with two layers

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) and cut corners

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) and cut fringe

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) and tie

You can wash this blanket like any other and snuggle with it at any time! This is a great craft for kids too!

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) and so cute

Now that I am stocked up and have my Easy DIY Tie Blanket for warmth, I am ready to tackle this cold and flu season with better preparation than this last week!

What do you do to prepare for cold and flu season?

Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) and stock up too

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Easy DIY Tie Blanket (No Sew) and read labels