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DIY Sleep Mask & Sleeping Well After a Great Workout #HealingNightsSleep ad

These days I live a pretty active lifestyle. While I still sit in my home office and work more than 8 hours a day, I have managed to add CrossFit and competitive tennis to my schedule. Add three kids, three dogs, a house that constantly needs to be picked up and laundry and I am almost never still. Even at my desk as I type, I have to get up to get the dogs a treat, change the clothes in the washer to the dryer, start the dishwasher, prep dinner and take photos for a post. When I decided that my life would be more productive when I started a consistent workout routine, I changed my sleep pattern. I now get up as early as 4am and am snoring by 9pm on a good day. We all know, though, that getting a good night’s sleep as a mom is almost laughable! More than that, though, when your muscles hurt from a good workout, settling down and falling asleep can be more difficult. On those nights, I turn to Advil PM to help me along the way. Available at Walgreens, this product can help me fall asleep and stay asleep despite the aches that my workout created and the running ‘to-do’ list in my head!

DIY Sleep Mask & Sleeping Well After a Great Workout #HealingNightsSleep ad

I am a much better mother when I sleep well. I am a better housekeeper, a better employee, a more determined Crossfitter and a harder hitting tennis player. A good night’s sleep, night after night, helps me have the energy I need to get through all I have to do.

Like the dishes.

And the boo-boo bandaging.

And the mile run as a warm up.

And the endless snuggles.

And… life.

A good night’s sleep is life changing. At least for me it is. When I am tired I am unmotivated, short tempered, lack focus, lack creativity and the desire to accomplish anything other than just getting by. So a little help here and there when I am having a hard time falling, and staying asleep, with Advil PM is a welcome thing.

Those of you who work out, whether it be running, weights, or a sport, know the pain of used muscles can make sleep harder. When I can feel the lactic acid accumulating around my thighs after a squats routine, or in my upper shoulders when I do a 1500 tennis ball drill, I know that laying down and getting comfortable to sleep is going to be harder. The pain reliever in Advil PM can help me comfortable which allows the sleep aide to work more effectively as well!

DIY Sleep Mask & Sleeping Well After a Great Workout #HealingNightsSleep ad

Now, as a single mom to three, I know the challenge of falling asleep and sleeping really well only to be jumped on at 6am by three energetic kids who went to bed 3 hours before I did. This happens on a Saturday or Sunday where I actually don’t set the alarm and allow myself the luxury of sleeping in. No amount of telling them to let me sleep seems to work. So I created a super simple DIY Sleep Mask that has the message, loud and clear, right on the mask!

‘Lift at Your Own RISK!’

All you need for this is a sleep mask which you can get a Walgreens, some glue and some glitter. Using the glue, write whatever message you want on eye pads. Cover them with glitter. Allow to dry. Blow the glitter off and wala, instant sleep mask with a very clear message!DIY Sleep Mask & Sleeping Well After a Great Workout #HealingNightsSleep ad

If you are a mom, or a dad, or human, make sure you have Advil PM in the house for those days when your kids, your workout or just the stress of the day keeps you up at night. Follow package instructions exactly and sleep well so that the next day is awesome!

I’ve shared how Advil PM helps me get ready for a perfect night sleep! You can save on Advil PM and other Advil products now so you can get a healing night’s sleep with these offers!

DIY Sleep Mask & Sleeping Well After a Great Workout #HealingNightsSleep ad