**This conversation about Making Science Make Sense® (MSMS) is in partnership with Bayer. All opinions are my own.**

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Mrs. Vera. That was her name. My 4th grade teacher who opened a world up to me that I never knew existed. I fought it, I did. I am a literary person by nature. An avid reader, a writer and someone who understands concepts from the written word. But when Mrs. Vera described the world of science as a place there the mind goes to discover the inner workings of everything on Earth, my interest was piqued for the first time. When she had us in the Science Lab making volcanoes that actually erupted, my curiosity was so engaged that it affected my desire to take elective science courses when I was in college! It was she who taught me how to make a DIY Rain Gauge years ago! I now pass it on to my kids!

DIY Rain Guage + Say Thank You to to Someone Who Inspired You in Science #SayTkU ad

I have no idea where Mrs. Vera is now but I can still say Thank You, even if it is not to her face. Thanks to Bayer and their desire to help inspire science literacy by saying “thank you” to someone who helped foster your curiosity around science, I can not only say Thank you to Mrs. Vera but that Thank You can help send give a child FREE admission to a STEM venue, such as a trip to a local science museum, fostering hands-on science-focused exploration.

All YOU have to do to participate is to post a photo with a hand-written “thank you,” a short video or written message to SayTkU.com or on your social networks using the hashtag #SayTkU.

Science is all around us! As a science-based company, Bayer is committed to creating awareness of the importance of science and fostering curiosity, creativity and critical-thinking skills. Making Science Make Sense® (MSMS), Bayer’s company-wide initiative, allows students to learn science by doing science through hands-on, inquiry-based experiences.  How cool is this?

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the MSMS program, Bayer is announcing a five-year commitment to providing access to one million hands-on science learning experiences for kids by 2020, beginning with the “Tk U” campaign.

DIY Rain Guage + Say Thank You to to Someone Who Inspired You in Science #SayTkU ad

As a mom, I am all about passing on the things I learned as a child to my children. I clearly remember working on science projects with my dad and carefully taking them to school for everyone to admire! That encouragement and support fostered the natural curiosity that kids have and followed me through school and in life today!

A super simple project that can get kids thinking about science is a DIY Rain Gauge! This is such an awesome project for when you know rain is going to be in your area! Just place it in your yard and, every day it rains over 10 days, have the kids mark down how much more it has rained, and then determine how many centimeters per day! It ties math, science and conversation into a rainy week!

DIY Rain Guage + Say Thank You to to Someone Who Inspired You in Science #SayTkU ad

Now it is your turn! Join me in saying THANK YOU to all of those who have inspired us and our children with a special note! Just write Thank You on a piece of paper and post it with the hashtag #SayThU on any social media platform. Remember, for everyone that does, Bayer will send a child to a STEM activity!!

Let me see your THANK YOUS!