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Find a LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back receptacle

Dispose of Medications Properly

She was 16. Fresh out of rehab. Home with her parents. They found her the next day, blue on the couch, in their own home, the victim of a drug overdose. They thought she would be safe at home and allowed her friends to come over. Little did they know that her friends would bring the drugs that would end their beautiful daughter’s life. While my cousins unexpected and untimely death was from illegal drugs, I am convinced that it started with access to the prescription medications – specifically opioids – in homes all through the upper class subdivision she lived in.  Because she was my favorite cousin, her death has affected me for decades. I am hyper sensitive about prescription drugs in my house. To the point that I have been know to count the bottles and pills to make sure none are gone. As my girls go from tweens to teens, I am even more weary of having easy access medications within arms reach. I also want to make sure that, when I dispose of unwanted and expired medications, I do it responsibly. That is why I am so glad I have now learned about the LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back Program!

Dispose of Medications Properly and put them in

Saturday, April 27th 2019 is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

I think we all have expired, unused and unwanted medications in our home. Because I foster many, many dogs, I really have a lot of pet prescriptions that stay in my medicine cabinet.  I was overdue for a clean out, finding meds in my cabinet that I thought I had so up to date, from 2014!

Dispose of Medications Properly when they expire

Disposal of unused medications today takes many forms, from flushing down the toilet or pouring in the drain, to throwing in the garbage, or worse. More often than not, the end result is damage to our environment, drug diversion or the drug being abused by others. In an effort reduce these issues and to bring awareness to the massive opioid crisis that is spreading rapidly, LifeInCheck created a Consumer Drug Take-Back program that provides us with a safe option to discard unused or outdated prescription medications in secure receptacles located across the US.

After learning there was a better way, I gathered the medications I wanted to dispose of and headed to the medical building in Houston that houses the LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back receptacle. I found it in the pharmacy placed in clear view.

Dispose of Medications Properly by the pharmacy

It took, literally, no time to open the draw, deposit my medications and to close it. You can read the sign on the top to see what kinds of medications are and are not allowed in the receptacle.

Dispose of Medications Properly to see what they take

So, why is it important to dispose of medications properly? Because medications that are tossed in the trash can be dug out and because drugs that are flushed can come back to haunt us as well. ’46 million Americans are exposed to trace amounts of medications in their drinking water.’ *Associated Press

Dispose of Medications Properly for your pets

There are ways to keep your family, your neighbors and your environment safer. The proper disposal of medications is key and I really appreciate the LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back Program for making the process easy and effective!

Dispose of Medications Properly in the waiting area

How has the opioid crisis affected you and your community? Are you one of the millions and millions that has a story like mine? Please feel free to share it. Opening a conversation and educating people on our options can only help.

Dispose of Medications Properly to help

According to Drug, 18 million people in the U.S. over the age of 12 have misused medications at least once in the past year. LifeInCheck has created this tool to help you safely dispose of unused or expired medications.

Dispose of Medications Properly and use the locator

Simply enter your city and state or zip code and search radius and we will provide list of safe drug take-back locations in your area. Thank you for helping to protect your family and our communities.