I could not be MORE Excited to have accepted a cruise with the Disney Magic sailing out of Galveston this week!!

{Insert Happy, Crazy, Spastic Dance Here}

Disney Magic Cruise

Even MORE exciting is that my girls get to go with me to experience the amazing trip complete with three port stops in the Caribbean!  I kid you not, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited!

And of course, because I get to be blessed with this trip, chalk full of shows, meals, swimming, fun and laughter, I get to share every part with YOU!!  Yes, I will be decorating this page with photos, commentary, antidotes and the amazed faces of my beautiful daughters as we sail the high seas with Mickey, Minnie and the crew!!

In fact, tell me what you want to know in my comments sections about your future cruise with Disney and I will make sure I hunt down the answers!

There will be SO MUCH More coming soon!!  Like daily! Maybe even hourly on my Facebook Page and by the minute on twitter, @lomargie and hashtag #DCLTexas!

Follow me on INSTAGRAM at ADayinMotherhood for all of my trip photos!!  I’ll follow back ;)


**I am receiving this 7 day – all expenses paid – cruise as a media blogger.  All  opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information!**