cbias disc

For a while now I have been earning points and fun merchandise when I redeem a Disney Movie Rewards Code.  At Christmas I earned beautiful necklace charms, plush toys and more just by entering my codes on already purchased Disney Movies on the website. I paid shipping and handling but it was high quality merchandise at a steal.

DisneyMovieRewards.com #cbias

Now, I have learned, I can also redeem select Disney CD’s!  See my Google + Story below that shows the steps to purchasing and redeeming Disney Movie Reward Points for DVD’s and CD’s!

Make sure you sign up today and start earning rewards on Disney DVD’s and CD’s that you purchase anyway!  Check out the whole selection of merchandise you can redeem as well!  It is more that just kid’s things.  Starbucks Gift Card anyone?

Want more Disney?  Check out my Disney Page for information, FREE coloring pages and more!

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