I realize that Halloween was a week ago.  We still have the candy to prove it.  But sometimes, the spooky costumes continue…  on the internet.  The Malware Ghosts and Cyber Bogeyman is a year round costume that can be hard to see through while surfing the internet!

Digital Joneses

Take the HALLOWEEN QUIZ and see what you know about the Cyber Boogyman and Malware in Disuise 

{ I got a 90}

 Dgtal JOnese Quiz

This month, as a Digital Jonese family, we were asked to surf the net and report back on the safety and our thoughts on what we ran into.  My computer is protected with Trend Micro’s Titanium Software and I am so glad I am!  Every time a box pops up telling me a site is “dangerous” or is against my parental settings, I breath a little easier.

But even with protection, I am aware that there are hackers and scammers out there that fly under the radar.  Especially on social media sites.  Have you ever gotten a Facebook message from a “friend” telling you about their ill child and fundraiser they are running?  How about a tweet to donate to a cause that just does not look right?  Or an email with a link that you almost click on even though it does not look right?

Any of those could be a Cyber Boogyman coming to steal your information and wreck your life.  And, I for one, am very scared of this kind of activity.  Especially since I spend a vast amount of time online through the computer, my phones and my tablets.  And I get a TON of messages and emails with links and info that are suspicious.

What scares you?  Check out the graphic below and see if your fear lands on it!

Digital Hneses

Pretty crazy, right?  In fact, the more I know, the more I want to protect myself and my family from Malware in Disguise!

What do you know about the safety of searching the web?  Do you automatically open links and photos even if you don’t know the source?   Do your kids?  Do you know what a Z-Bot is?  How about a Koobface or Nicki?  And are you protected from them?

Take the quiz, read all about the fears that are completely legitimate while surfing the net and learn about the products that can protect your computers, phones and tablets on the Digital Joneses Website!

Want to know more about Trend Micro’s Security products and get more tips?  Check out the posts I have done regarding both!  And then head to the Digital Joneses website to learn more about the monthly challenges the participating bloggers complete as well as other informative features!

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**My family and I will participate in a year long program designed by Trend Micro.  We will receive assets to take the challenges on.  My opinions and writings are 100% mine and can not be duplicated or copied without prior permission.  The assets received in exchange for our input will vary.  Assets received to date:  ASUS Zenbook computer; Security Software, 2 AT&T G Phones, Promotional Material, Gift Cards to purchase service and 4 Samsung GALAXY Tablets.  Please see my Disclaimers Page for more information.**