The feelings of your child cut deep no matter how successful and distinguished they become as an adult.  May Hamlin, proud mother of the Seattle Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman, gushes on supporting her son’s own power within.  “Trust Your Power Within” encourages Duracell during their Super Bowl commercial; starring Derrick Coleman, fullback for the 2014 Super Bowl Champions.   Deafness may have caused him to hang his head on the playground years ago; but on the gridiron, he is an inspiration to children and peers around the globe as he never fails to trust his power within.  May encourages parents to allow children to follow their dream with undivided support; disability or none, each child is special in their own way.

derrick coleman

If you have not seen Derrick’s Duracell commercial, check it out.  It is all-inspiring and tugs at my heart-strings; tears of happiness for him and his achievements drive me to ask May how she handled his hardships.

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 There is something special in every child.  Overcoming hardships can be the most difficult part of parenting, but understanding the ability to encourage and Trust Your Power Within clears the pathway to your dreams.  May has endured some tough times raising her son to be a leader as he tackles his dreams to play professional football.  Playing for the Seattle Seahawks in the 2014 Super Bowl, son Derrick continues to inspire children everywhere to stay true to their dreams.

derrick coleman

He did not listen, he did not give up, he did not fail…. Trust Your Power Within to achieve your dreams with focus and hard work.  May Hamlin beams with pride at the mere mention of her son; she has raised a son with integrity and ambition, compassion and focus.  A Day in Motherhood salutes YOU, May and Derrick for sharing your story with the world!

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