I’ve HAD IT!  I am allllll done!  Finished!  DONE!  Over it.

Well, you get the idea.

What am I over, you ask?

Being the perfect stay at home mom and housekeeper.

Yep.  I am giving it up for Lent, brushing it under the rug and turning my defiant back to the reasoning that – if you stay organized – you can do it all!

Because I fully admit, as an able bodied, strong minded, well intentioned mother that I can not!  And I refuse to feel bad for it!

So, yes, it is the second week of January and my Christmas tree is still up.  As my Facebook friends suggest, I might turn it into a Valentine’s Tree. I’ll have my girls cut doilies into hearts and hang boxes of Smarties Hearts on it.  I’ll make sure the one that says “Your Special” is on top.

People do say I’m a little special.

In fact, maybe I’ll leave it up year round and put some eggs on it for Easter and the flags of the countries on Flag Day.  Think of how educated my children will be!

On my specialness.

It is not that I don’t want the tree down.  I am actually quite fond of the extra space that would be available if said tree were packed nicely in it’s box and placed carefully in the attic.  I’d have more space for toys that are strewn about with the sole intention of making me step on their pointy edges in the middle of the night.  It’s just that every time I go to take it down, something comes up.

A kid.  A call.  A reason not to take down the tree.


I can’t really be blamed for that, now can I?

I can hear you!

I have also decided that, though it is hard to have family dinners when they have to move the towels and the granny panty mommy underwear to sit down and put their plates down, the kids are not suffering from the fact that they have to grab their clothes from the piles on the table instead of from in their drawers.

In fact, I am probably saving them years of back pain in the future by not making them pull out heavy drawers full of nicely folded clothing.  So really I am thinking of them.

And the therapy that I will have to pay for later.

The clothes are clean and folded and available to be worn. So, really, what is the point of making the umpteen tracks across the house to put them in drawers that they will only be taken out of?  Just seems I could be spending my valuable, limited time doing something else.

Like taking the tree down.

So, though there are many, MANY more examples as to my inability to be perfect in…. well…. ANY way at all, I think I’ll stop there.

I need material for another post.

Because even though I may come off as a bit disorganized, a little scatterbrained and do not have everything perfectly in order all the time, I am pretty good at games like the tickle monster and being the guest at a birthday party.

So even though I am making Hamburger Helper for dinner and counting the waffles to make sure there are enough for breakfast, I’ll sleep well tonight  knowing that in reality, I am doing the best I can.  And that is pretty darn good!

The wine will  help too.


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