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Live Summer DEET Free repellent and Mostquito Free with Guardian

Our house during the summer is a crazy one. This summer, especially, we have decided to foster four beagle puppies so our days are even busier! Not only do we hit the pool, the park, the water park and any other activity that takes us outside, this summer we are out in the yard with the puppies for hours a day. Because we rarely just sit in the house and are often in and out, mosquito protection is key. However, I am always nervous about continually spraying myself and my girls with spray. As I was walking through the aisle of Kroger the other day, I stopped at the mosquito spray section and tried to make a decision. My eyes landed on Guardian, a DEET-free alternative to traditional repellents. I picked up two bottles to give them a try.

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Posted by A Day in Motherhood on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My biggest deal with mosquito repellent, aside from the chemicals in it, is that they work. As you know, when kids get mosquito bites it is a full on major issue. I am not too happy about he itchy bumps either. Add to that the risks mosquitoes now pose to humans and I have to have a DEET free repellent that really works.

Live Summer DEET Free repellent and Mostquito Free with Guardian repellent

After having the Guardian in my yard for quick sprays for taking the dogs out and in my pool bag, I can say that it does seem to work. There are no trade-offs between safe ingredients and powerful bug repellency – with Guardian you get both. Guardian’s plant-based formula is safe for use around your outdoor equipment. DEET, on the other hand, damages and corrodes plastics, nylon gear, and some clothing and painted surfaces. This is a great product for people with skin sensitivity!

Live Summer DEET Free repellent and Mostquito Free so you can be outside

Here is what I really like about Guardian. The product I was using before we were having to spray on every single time we left this house. We would take the puppies out and then go out to the pool and then come back and have to re-spray within a few hours. Guardian is not only highly effective against mosquitoes and ticks, but lasts without a need for frequent reapplication. Guardian’s Wilderness formula (available at Kroger) repels mosquitoes for up to 8 hours and ticks for up to 4 hours!

Live Summer DEET Free repellent and Mostquito Free with a plant based product

As I cart the kids to drama camp, Crossfit camp, the pool, the park and on hikes in the neighborhood, I want those pesky mosquito bites eliminated without spraying a bunch of chemicals on me and the kids. After all, what fun is the backyard full of beagle puppies if you can’t enjoy it safely?

Live Summer DEET Free repellent and Mostquito Free so kids can play outside

Pick up your Guardian repellent at Kroger.  Not near a Kroger? Guardian Wilderness and a version for shorter adventures, Guardian Backyard 4-hour repellent, are available on also.

Live Summer DEET Free repellent and Mostquito Free at Kroger

What are you getting outside and doing this summer?