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It is true in life, when you don't have the luxury to stop and you are dealing with LBL, Poise Liners can help you get through! #PoiseLinerLove ad @Walmart

It is time to wash off the shame and admit that peeing a little is just a part of life. At least, it is for me. I am 43 years old, have three children that I had in three years and my body has rewarded me for my efforts by embarrassing me at the most inefficient of times. Like when I am at a friend’s house and I am laughing hysterically. Or I am having a sneezing fit from allergies. Or when I am pulling the bar at CrossFit in an effort to dead lift more than I ever had before. I simply can’t predict, nor control, when a little bit might show up to cause me to run to the bathroom to take care of the problem. The truth is, I have to be protected everyday now. Some days I need little protection, some days I need more. So while shopping at Walmart the other day, I walked right past the period pads – because they were not designed for light bladder leakage – and picked up Poise Liners and Poise MicroLiners. I have used Poise products for a while now and they never let me down. Since I finally can admit that I need everyday protection, I like that I can buy a product at a good price at Walmart that I can rely on to end the embarrassing episodes of leakage that can plague my day!

Shopping at Walmart during my regular grocery trip just makes sense! Since I need daily protection from LBL, I just pick up my Poise liners as I go! #PoiseLinerLove ad @Walmart

My day encompasses so much. From getting the kids to school to walking the dogs to laundry, the dishes, picking up toys and so, so much more. Plus, I have to fit in my favorite workout at CrossFit. So thinking about and dealing with LBL and the possibility that it could, literally, happen at any time is just not something I have time for. I am not alone. I know so many women that struggle with it and are so embarrassed.

In fact, just this week, while at CrossFit, I was talking to the owner of the gym about it. She said, ‘Hey, we have Poise pads in our cabinet for anyone who needs them. You can’t help that you need them so use them! Women always think they are the only ones when I tell them the Poise is there!’  I could not agree more.

There is no embarrassment anymore. With Poise Liners you can feel protected no matter what your day holds! #PoiseLinerLove ad @Walmart

With summer right around the corner, I know that I will be out and about with my kids going to parks, taking road trips, going to the movies and more. So I have to be able to go and do and not worry about leaking every time I laugh, sneeze or bend down to get something. I want to go hiking with the kids, on bike rides and walking on the beach without worrying. Poise, and their entire line of products, gives me that freedom.

I would rather be playing around and having fun with these three rather than worrying about LBL! Poise Liners help me do that! #PoiseLinerLove ad @Walmart

Since I am at Walmart several times a week, I always stock up on the products that make leakage something I don’t have to worry about! I pick up the Poise Microliners, Liners and new 3 drop-thin-shape pads in value packs and go about my business. Since I know, from experience, that they are specifically designed for LBL unlike period pads, I like to know I have plenty in the house to use. Since they are thin and comfortable, I never have to worry about them moving or showing when I am in my tightest workout shorts!

Just chasing after my dogs is cause to worry about LBL! With Poise Liners I can run and chase and not worry! #PoiseLinerLove ad @Walmart

It is time to erase the stigma and shame of LBL! With Poise Liners, you can enjoy life every day without worrying about leakage, no matter what your busy day holds!

Your one stop shop for everything is Walmart! Be sure to toss in some Poise Liners so you are protected every day! #PoiseLinerLove ad @Walmart