I originally wrote this last year, when Megan was still a tiny baby.  Before my blog started, actually.  Just a journal to myself to read later.  I was reading it again last night and decided it was “blog” worthy!  So, please enjoy!

A Day at the Museum

My friend and I decided that it was a great idea to take all of our kids to the Children’s Museum of Houston.  Located in the Museum District, it was a good hour from my front door.  And as I bundled up my 3 year old, my 2 year old and my 6 month old, I questioned my sanity.  But I knew memories were to be made, so I persevered.

An uneventful drive through the concrete jungle of Houston, and we arrived to a packed parking lot, children everywhere, and the need for new diapers and Pull-Ups all around.  I pulled out the double stroller, 3 backpacks, a lunch backpack, and an extras backpack.  And a small cooler full of milk.

The insanity of this decision was not lost on me as my friend and I shuffled in six children under six, but I was determined to make this a memorable day…  even if for the wrong reasons!  We bought the tickets, used our coupons, and led the children into the recently renovated Museum.

I watched my daughter’s eyes light up as they entered a world of merriment and discovery, ready to laugh and jump and play with the other children whose parents had decided all of the work was worth it too.  Katie and Sarah immediately climbed into the big bus and cars waiting for their driving skills and I relaxed.  This was not so bad, I thought… knowing fully that this thought could be premature!

We had a wonderful day.  The grocery corner was the favorite, I think.  All six kids, even Megan, with my assistance, shopped and checked out and shopped some more.  They filled their baskets to the rim, milked the cow sitting in the corner,and laughed with glee at every new discovery.  As we explored the arts and crafts area, the play TV station with working cameras and a news desk, the old car area where jumping from seat to seat was a favorite activity, I relaxed.  My children were happy.  So I was happy.

After visiting every new room on the first and second floor, including the toddler area where Megan could crawl and fall with ease, we headed outside.  A world of water met us and the children went nuts!  We steered the kids towards the dry play area including the fossil hunting area, and the gold digging and processing mine.  They played and we talked.  Relaxation set in again…  right as it was time to go.

I gathered my kids, their three backpacks, now messy and disorganized, the extras backpack, also unrecognizable, the the lunch and milk packs, now empty, and maneuvered the walkways of the Museum to the exit.

After loading the kids into the car, hugging my friend, also breathing a sigh of relief because we actually did it, and sat, exhausted in my seat.  I flipped on the DVD player, praying for a triple sleep inducer, and began to review the photos in my camera.

The smiles, happiness, and excitement were contagious, even on film.

I headed home, winding through the freeways that took us through downtown and home, and smiled.

I did it.  And now have what I wanted all along.