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With Valentine’s Day on the horizon everyone seems to be scrambling for ways to make that perfect date even better!   staying at home with the family or just the two of you, we have some date ideas that might spark togetherness!

date ideas

A Delectable Dessert

Shortcake for 2

 A wonderful dessert can kick off the beginning of a wonderful evening, or be the finale to your perfect night! Creating this amazing dessert is simple! I started with strawberry cream cheese pound cake, but you can use any flavor that warms the cockles of your heart.  Bake the cake in a shallow jelly roll pan and using heart cookie cutters, cut the cake to create your layers.

**Hint** You can use a 9×13 pan, after the cake has cooled, simply cut out a square slice.  Cut with your cookie cutter, then slice the heart shaped cake in half to create the layers.

Use strawberries, raspberries, whipped topping and icing to build gorgeous shortcakes!

A Bite to Eat

date ideas

 A scrumptious dinner at home does not have to be so time consuming that you want to fall asleep after you serve it up.  These bacon-wrapped turkey medallions were prepackaged, 250 calories and delicious!  Served with steamed broccoli florets and cocktail shrimp; this meal is a sure to send cupid a message!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

date ideas

Break out the old school pictures and remember those times that made you laugh, cry and feel like you were on top of the world. Share stories of your own childhood with your date and children, share stories about the days of no children, and others about when they were tiny babes.  Relive the cherished memories of old and feel the love in the air!

Affection is Infectious

date ideas

 Never miss an opportunity to share an affectionate moment.  A simple touch can send a message straight to the heart.  Leave a lasting impression without saying a word as your commitment is conveyed with closed eyes and gentle  squeeze.

 Card Shark

date ideas

 Try your hand at a game of cards and if you are feeling lucky you might just bet the dirty dishes on it! Put down the phones, tablets and keyboards and get back to good old fashioned friendly competition.  Playing cards sparks good conversation, laughter and fun!

 Share a Dance

Tune in to your favorite song together, wedding song or wii/xbox dance games! These are sure to lead to family fun or a great laughing two-some!  There are some great couples songs on the dance games; and not a moment too soon you will be shaking a tail feather!

Classics Never Go Out of Style

Choose a movie from the genre you love… what about your first movie date together?  Mine was Austin Powers, Goldmember.  To this day we still laugh like it was the first time we ever saw it… on our first date… many moons ago!

Share Something

You know there is a lot to be said for the simple act of sharing.  Share your brown bag homemade popcorn, blanket or dessert.  Just make something big enough for the both of you, causing you to sit close enough to spark up that wonderful feeling of togetherness!

Homemade Microwave Popcorn

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