It is cold outside and I need a healthy snack!  My family loves popcorn. But I hardly have the time to pull out a popper, add the oil and hope that it comes out right.  I want the convenience of microwave popcorn without the mess or extra time needed! Plus, I don’t want to add oil and extra fat to a snack that can be so healthy for my family. So, I discovered how to make Brown Paper Bag Microwave Popcorn and I can not believe how fast and easy it is!

Brown Paper Bag Microwave Popcorn

Here are the basics. A brown paper bag, 1/4 cup of good quality popcorn kernels, a stapler or clip and a microwave and a fun popcorn container to enjoy it from!

Yes, you can put a bag with staples in the microwave. I was surprised too considering that metal can not be added. But I’ve done it a million times and it is just fine. BUT, if you are not comfortable doing that, please fold the bag tightly or use cooking string to tie off the top. The point is to prevent air from getting in so that the kernels will pop!

Add your 1/4 cup of kernels to the bag, put them in the microwave for about a minute (I use the popcorn setting on my microwave) -listen for the kernels to stop popping (every microwave is different) – and then pull out fluffy, delicious popcorn that needs no seasoning! You can add some fun Popcorn Seasoning though – just for that added kick!

Brown Paper Bag Microwave Popcorn

There are so many ways to jazz this up! Try fun and different holders, like for a scary movie night, or add all kinds of fun seasonings. Add candy to the popped corn, pretzels and more for flavor. Add food coloring for multi colored popcorn! The possibilities are endless.

But starting with the cleanest, simplest product can keep you on track on your healthy journey! We all need a little help now and then and making easy, fun, no oil, no butter popcorn at home with the ease of a micropack is a great thing!

How do you jazz up your healthy popcorn? I want to know!

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