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DASH Tech Toys at Best Buy are awesome for kids!

There is so much fun wrapped up in this post that is almost needs to be three posts! I hope I can get to everything I LOVE about DASH, a Kid’s Tech Product you can purchase at Best Buy. But I bet I barely scratch the surface. We have not even downloaded all of the free apps that make DASH go but I had to tell you about his now! DASH can be so helpful for kids (and adults, I won’t lie) for building hand eye coordination, imagination sparking and educational lessons that are hidden in games!

My daughters love DASH and play with him daily!

A little about DASH. He is a kid’s first robot. Run off of a free app on Google Play or iPhone, he is a real robot, charged and ready to play out of the box. He responds to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing. Use the free apps like Wonder, Blockly, and others to create new behaviors for Dash! Kids these days need to learn the joy of robotics! DASH will help!

These are just some very basics things DASH does… so you can get an idea of how he starts:

My girls are in LOVE. Of course, mom got to play with DASH first and I had way too much fun. With the GO app which helps you learn how to control him and shows you the creative things you can do with him, I could make DASH say Hello, bark like a dog, change his colors and so much more. It’s addictive fun, I won’t lie!

Wonder Workshop makes Dash Tech Toys for kids!

Katie, my oldest, learned his tricks the fastest. She had him following her through the hallway, racing across the carpet and chasing the dogs. She had so much fun and when the other two girls got home from school, she gave them a quick lesson and they were off!

Upload free apps for DASH on iPhone or Android!

My youngest, Megan, has fallen IN LOVE. When I say she fell in love, I meant it. She likes the name, DASH, but it is now a girl. Complete with bottles fed to it, a new shiny necklace and a selfies galore, she has made it her own. She drove DASH to her room, pretended her dolls had an emergency and turned him into an ambulance and even figured out how to make him nod yes and now. It has been an interesting attachment but one I am really glad about!

My youngest loves interacting with DASH!

We downloaded Blockly and she used her skills of puzzle making to make DASH go. I showed her how to program him on the GO app so that she can send him on paths automatically and we checked out the many accessories that you can get with DASH. It really has been neat watching her and her sisters play and learn and create and understand the connection between child and robot with this interactive toy.

Megan takes selfies with DASH!

We have so much more to do with DASH and I can not wait to see what is next! I see this being a daily interaction that can only benefit the kids!

DASH wears a necklace now for my kids!

Get your own DASH at Best Buy and watch you kids discover all of the things he can do! It is truly SO FUN!