It has been making it’s way around the internet and talk shows. The ‘Dad Bod’ is the new hot for men. You know, that sort of beer belly, rounded look that includes the over-sized shirts and cargo shorts. The look that says, ‘I try but not too hard.’ Though I, personally, am not attracted to this body style on men, I am totally using it to enhance my self esteem about my own ‘belly too big, butt protrusion’ frame that I carry around! Because, honestly, if it is ‘hot’ that men who carry a slightly heaver load in front, then I have a seriously smokin’ body now too! Right?

The 'Dad Bod' is Hot?! Does That Mean my 'Mom Bod' is Smokin' too?

As a woman who has had three children and a difficult time eliminating my belly from the picture thanks to 3 C-Sections, I am glad to say that I now fit the trend. Sure, I am not a man, but my body shape is the same. Sure, my belly is not from beer and my biceps are actually hard as a rock from tennis, but now I can stop trying. I am ‘in style’, ‘hot’, ‘sexy’.

Because what is good for the goose is good for the gander, right? All of us women can stop comparing ourselves to the Kim Kardashians and Victoria Secret’s models of the world. They are now out of style with their fit bodies and luscious curves. We can now rejoice in wearing the same oversized school event promotions T-Shirt and blue jean shorts that we prefer as our lazy clothes. We can pull our hair in ponytails, swig our beers from the bottle and use Sunday as a day to sit on the couch and watch any show we want. Forget health… dying at 50 of a heart attack is just sexy.

In case you can not sense my sarcasm, it is thick and dripping all over this post. The ‘Dad Bod’ craze is the latest in the ‘dumb things people think of to get attention’ category. The male version of the Kylie Jenner lip fiasco. If men want women who are 10’s then they better damn present as an 11. You know what I mean?

But what really irritates me about this whole ‘biceps are out and flabby arms are in’ trend is that ‘experts’ say it is because women feel like men who are out of shape are less attractive to other women and thus are less likely to stray. So they want a flabby man because he has less options?!?


I have been cheated on in every single relationship that I have had and I never once considered how the man looked to be the reason. Men who cheat are going to cheat no matter how they look. Trust me, if you have ever tried online dating for more than a second, you see all kinds – not just the hunky players who think they are giving you a gift. Adulterers and cheaters have that they can do it as a mindset. Their body shape has nothing to do with it. I happen to choose cheaters based on my own mental make-up, not on their physical one.

But to think that women feel more confident in their relationship if their man looks unkept and flabby is just an insult to women. Women are not visual creatures like men are. We want help, compliments, respect and a true effort to be a part of a team. We see the character of a person over the physical. We actually value values over appearance. But way to demean us as a group, media.

Am I happy with my body completely? No. I wish I could get some serious results with all of the things I am doing. I am trying to rebuild my health with exercise and good food choices. One day, I will be back to where I want to be. But even with my shape the way it is, I don’t find a single thing attractive about the dad bod. I think it is just an excuse to be lazy and let your health go. Along with your sex life, to be honest.

Maybe someone can explain it to me. Women, do you feel more confident when your man is a little more fluffy? Or do you wish he would put the same effort into his body that we are expected to put into ours for him?