The Holidays are around the corner and with that, the struggle for the perfect gift without breaking the bank is on all of our minds. A lot of people, moms, dads, teens with straight A’s, are going to be hinting around that their phone needs an upgrade. But with that upgrade, on a lot of wireless plans, your wallet can take a serious hit as well. Luckily, with Cricket Wireless – and the new Samsung GS4 Phone – you can get the same wireless coverage you love for less this Holiday Season!

Samsung GS4 Phone and Cricket Wireless

During the holiday season, 42% of consumers plan to spend more than 11 hours on the phone with family and friends. Luckily, Cricket’s unlimited plans are HALF the price of AT&T and Verizon.

Check out this short and funny video below!

Staying connected is a cinch this holiday. Especially if you take advantage of one of the awesome Cricket Holiday Deals below!

Black Friday (11/28-11/30) – HALF off the hottest devices in-store and online
Cyber Monday (12/1-12/2) – HALF off the hottest devices online only
$29.99 Galaxy Discover (12/1-1/4)

Now, I have had the Samsung GS4 for about 6 weeks now (yes, I am way way way way behind on my posting schedule) and I have to say that is is a pretty impressive device. This would make a great Holiday Gift for less! And since most people really love to use their phones – as Cricket found out in a survey they did recently – this would be a loved gift as well! Check out some of the stats from the survey!

  • 45% of consumers prefer digital methods of communications during the holiday season
  • People primarily prefer to contact friends over family members during the holidays
  • 51% of people prefer to call family than travel a long distance to visit
  • 42% of consumers plan to spend more than 11 hours on the phone with family and friends during the holiday season

The Samsung GS4 s is a slick piece of technology that combines the best of design with user friendliness. It is instantly easy to take out of the box, plug it in and use. The large screen is awesome -especially for tired eyes like mine – and my ‘fat fingers’ don’t cause as many text errors. Always a good thing!

The voice to text is awesome, I have to say. It’s very sensitive and I like that. The apps are easy to use, download and delete, if I need to.

Samsung GS4 Phone and Cricket Wireless

I have had no issues with service in the Houston area at all. Even out here in the country, I get service and don’t have dropped calls. That is a huge plus when you are driving around out here under trees and in rural areas.

If you have someone asking for a phone but you don’t want to bust your budget, check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Cricket Wireless. As I test this phone, I will be back with more features that I love too!

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