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Any new skincare routine takes a little while to get used to. A few weeks ago, I told you about Crepe Erase and my first impression. I was impressed with the aroma, the ease of use and the moisturizing of the skin that seemed to come with it. After using it for several weeks, my opinion has not changed!

Crepe Erase Review #CrepeErase #IC #ad

My skin is pretty good to begin with, I won’t lie. I am an avid water drinker and I think that helps. Plus, my family, in general, looks younger than we are. So while I did not need a lot of help now, I still wanted to see if Crepe Erase could help refine the areas that are slowly starting to show my age. Plus, I love to see if things on the market actually work the way they say they do!

I used Crepe Erase every night before I went to bed. I used it mainly on the skin above my knees. With some extra weight on right now, I am noticing a sag that could very well turn into wrinkles as I lose the weight. The parts of my body that I might generally ignore are the ones Crepe Erase is designed to work on. Above the knees, behind the arm, the neck area or any area which you feel is showing your age can be tamed with Crepe Erase.

Crepe Erase Review #CrepeErase #IC #ad

The process is simple:

 – Step 1 in the Crepe Erase™ system, is the Exfoliating Body Polish. A luxurious body polish containing TruFirm™, a breakthrough firming complex that helps rejuvenate aging, dry, crepey-looking skin on the neck, chest, legs, and arms. Gently exfoliates rough dead skin cells, to help reveal smoother, more resilient, younger-looking skin. Promotes healthy skin cell turnover and improves overall skin texture, while preparing your skin for Intensive Body Repair Treatment.

– Step 2 in the Crepe Erase™ system is the Intensive Body Repair Treatment. An ultra-rich formula containing TruFirm™, our exclusive skin firming complex, infused with a rejuvenating blend of botanicals to visibly smooth, firm and tighten the look of aging dry, crepey, skin on the neck, chest, legs and arms. Nutrient rich, super-hydrating oils provide all-day moisture and protect the skin. With regular use, crinkly, crepey skin can appear smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking.

 It does not take long and your skin feels refreshed, clean and moisturized wherever you use it!

Crepe Erase Review #CrepeErase #IC #ad

It is hard to tell the before and after on my knees with my camera, but I can tell you that the knee I treated is softer, more ‘clean’ looking and less ‘flat’ looking. I am now going to turn my attention to my other knee- they have to match – my elbows, arms and the rest of my legs!

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I like what I am seeing after just a few weeks!

What area on your body could benefit from Crepe Erase?