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Just thinking of all of the things my three daughters need for Back to School is overwhelming. Imagining the cost of it all is simply depressing. Back to School times three is not something I thought about when I had them. Cars, weddings, college… yes. Back to School? No. But it does add up and no matter how I try to avoid it, I need to get to work. Luckily, because of Coupons.com and their awesome back to school coupons and discount codes now up and live, I can take a good bite out of the costs without too much effort!

Coupons.com Back to School

My main expense is going to be clothing. Three daughters equals 15 outfits a week. That is only if I buy for one week. All the mixing and matching in the world can not prevent the need to restock with durable clothing for the year. Going to Coupons.com, I can see that I can save Carter’s, Kohl’s, Sears, Walmart and more! All stores that I will shop while stocking the kids up!

I can choose more than one coupon at a time and print them off to take them in store as well! Some take you straight to the sale site online without even needing a coupon code. This organized, easy to use system lets me get all of my prepping, planning and online purchasing done instantly.  The site saves me so much time because it shows me all the sales in the same category at the same time!

Coupons.com Back to School

While on Coupons.com site, I saw that the Party Like a Rock Star Sweepstakes is still going strong!! Every day in July, you can win $100 a day! So hurry because July is almost over!

As a mom, we need all of the help we can get in the areas that stress us out the most. Backpacks, clothing, shoes, school supplies and more can all be saved on by using Coupons.com and their coupon codes, site links and more!

What is your most expensive item for back to school?

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