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I had my first baby almost a decade ago. It is hard to believe but time really does fly. When  she was born, it was all about the first baby and getting it right. I didn’t give much though to anything else. When my second was born only 14 months later, it was just a matter of survival. Through both pregnancies I had heard about cord blood banking but never acted on it. Both the kid’s dad and I came from fairly healthy families so we did not think it was something we needed at the time. But when I was about to have my 3rd daughter 20 months after my middle one was born, I knew she was my last chance to learn about the process and how it could benefit my family. So I took the time to do some real research about cord blood banking and decided that it was the smartest thing I could do for her, and surprisingly, for my entire family. Now, with CariCord, finding out about all of the benefits and banking your child’s blood at birth is easier than ever.

Why I Banked my Daughter's Cord Blood #CariCord AD

The process was incredibly easy. I just got the kit in the mail, handed it to my doctor and forgot all about it. At the birth of my daughter, the kit was in the room. When they took her out via c-section, it took less than a few minutes to take the blood from the cord. She felt no pain at all and I got the life affirming blood that may one day be needed for one of my children, or even me or my ex-husband. The peace of mind that comes with this is invaluable. Medical professionals are learning more every day about using our body’s own resources to help with diseases by using stem cells. As we learn more there will be even more opportunities to use stem cell therapies as opposed to drugs or surgery.

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Why I Banked my Daughter's Cord Blood #CariCord AD

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I paid the initial cost on a payment plan and now have an annual storage fee that is less than a few hundred a year. CariCord allows the same process. CariCord offers personalized payment options that are interest free, no administrative fees or credit approval needed. You can save thousands by banking with CariCord.

As of now, we have not had a need for Megan’s Cord Blood but, because it stores for life and longer, we may one day. I firmly believe that having that blood makes me feel better as a parent knowing that this one time only shot is there for us. The peace of mind that comes with this decision is absolutely invaluable.

As for worrying about whether the blood is there when you need it… CariCord is located in a major university. Therefor the knowledge that your baby’s blood is secure and being stored in a scientifically safe environment is not a concern. (Anschutz Medical Center at the University of Colorado) It will be there should you need it!

Why I Banked my Daughter's Cord Blood #CariCord AD

There is really no reason not to take this one time chance and bank your baby’s cord blood. Give CariCord a call and learn how one child can protect an entire family and how saving all of your children’s cord blood can be even more beneficial!

Find out more about CariCord by calling: 844-227-4267

Some form of CariCord’s Laboratory produces FDA licensed Cord Blood for the Public Bank (UCCBB) University of Colorado Cord Blood bank CariCord Private (or Family) Cord blood is produced in the same lab, by the same lab technicians, using the same methods and materials as the FDA licensed public units for UCCBB. This provides our customers pharmaceutical quality product.

Have you banked yiour baby’s cord blood? I would love to hear your story!