Cool Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween planning is in full swing so I thought I would help with lots of Cool Halloween Party Food Ideas! I love easy but I also like these ideas to be fun and cool for the kids too so I have searched all over the place for some of my absolute favorite Halloween Party Food Ideas!

easy Halloween craft for kids

 I love these Ghost Halloween Lollipops! They are so easy that even the kiddos will enjoy making them! No Baking required! This one tops my list for being easy!

Cool Halloween Party Food Ideas

Next on my list is Spoonfuls Forked Eyeballs! Not too gross yet still in the theme for Halloween! Plus… Easy! When I first saw these I thought they were made from cake balls. I immediately thought there is no way I’m going to spend a lot of time and effort making a bunch of cake balls. That’s not the case. These are made with doughnut holes! Can you believe it?! Why didn’t I think of that! Chocolate covered doughnut holes dipped in white chocolate and decorated as an eyeball! Genius! Absolutely Genius!!!

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Next are these adorable Halloween Party Pops!  Now I just finished making some of the best Halloween Cookies but I never thought to put them on a stick and call them a party pop!  Kids love almost anything on a stick!

Halloween Funny Bones Recipe

Now I really like these Halloween Funny Bones!  They are made of pretzels and marshmallows!  They are a little messy to make but super adorable and not too gory so it would be perfect for a kid friendly Halloween party!

Water Bottle Halloween craft

Lastly, but probably most importantly is this fun and cute Halloween Pumpkin Water Bottle Craft Idea!  Water is very important especially when you are eating lots of sweets.  You could easily create your very own Water Bottle Pumpkins with a Sharpie Marker!!!  Easy Peasy!

Halloween Party Food Ideas

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