My children do not wear bikinis.

My children do not have their ears pierced.

My children do not wear mid drift shirts or shorts that are too tight.

My children are told that tattoos are not acceptable, no matter their age.

My children do not watch movies that are above their age range.

My children will not date until 16 or later.

My children will not wear high heels until 14.

My children are being raised by a conservative mother and I won’t apologize for it.

I Am a Conservative Mother and I Won't Apologize for It

For those who know me or have followed me for a while, this may come as a complete shock. I am wholeheartedly supportive of any decision people want to make about their parenthood, lifestyle and quest to be an individual. I support my friends in their decisions that are in stark opposite of mine. I think babies in bikinis are cute. I don’t think that piercing an infants ears is a bad thing and I have seen some tattoos that are mesmerizing and important for the message of individuality they share!

But when it comes to my kids, I am a raving lunatic about being conservative, modest and keeping things the way they were when they came out of mommy.

I can’t really explain it. How a mom can be so open and loving to any decision other’s make but so conservative about decisions and the path she wants her children to take. I suppose it is just my nature. I don’t wear bikini’s – mainly because I am not comfortable in them – and I got my ears pierced at 13 as a right of passage. I have no tattoos nor the desire to get any and I rarely wear revealing clothing. I suppose it is because I was raised by a conservative mom and a professional dad and told that my intellect and talents would be more rewarded than my efforts to be different.

Now, I am not so conservative that my kids can not be individuals. If they wanted to put a pink streak in their hair, I would take them to get it done. If they want to get their nails painted, I am right there next to them encouraging the weirdest design. If they want to wear a striped shirt with plaid pants, I tell them they look amazing. If they want to color their hair black, wear dark make up and dress all in black all through high school, so be it. But the basic points of modesty and age appropriate clothing will be respected.

I Am a Conservative Mother and I Won't Apologize for It

I won’t lie, I get heat for my conservative viewpoints sometimes. I am told that I am a hypocrite and that my girls will rebel from the rules and do the opposite I want just to spite me. I understand that. I did it. I lashed out and lived a life that was much harder on me and my parents than it had to be. In fact, as a totally free spirit that moved out at 15 and struggled to carve her own life, you would think I would be more lax about my children and the decisions I want them to make.

But I am not. If that makes me a hypocrite, so be it. If it leaves me open for the ridicule of others and the arguments to the opposite of my beliefs, so be it. If I get slammed on Facebook over my views… well, it won’t be the first time.

But no matter what happens, I will always respect and admire the decisions that parents make for their children. I will always embrace individuality and the freedom to choose the lives you want to lead. I will support my children and do everything in my power to help them through life in the best way possible for them.

But, for now anyway, they will cover up, leave their body parts un-pierced, un-tattooed and un-altered in any way. For as long as I can possibly make it last!

I am a conservative mom when to comes to my kids. And though it may be an unpopular decision to others who know this about me, I refuse to apologize for it. Just as I would never ask you to apologize for your parenting decisions.