Colgate products have been a mainstay in this house for almost a decade.  From the regular formula to Colgate Total, and even the kids only like the Watermelon flavor of Colgate Kids toothpaste are always on my list.   So, of course, when I decided to make an Oral Care Basket for my neighbor’s dad who just moved in, it only made sense that I would create one using Colgate Total products!

Colgate Total Oral Care

Not only can Colgate Total freshen breath and help fight bacteria for 12 hours, it is the only FDA Approved toothpaste that helps prevent gingivitis.  In fact, if you are a person with Diabetes, Colgate Toothpaste can help prevent Gum Disease.  And since people with Diabetes are 2x more likely to develop Gum Disease, the use of the only product that is national strategic partner of the American Diabetes Association just makes sense.  Serious Gum Disease could affect the ability to control blood glucose levels.  That can contribute to the progression of Diabetes.  And no one wants that.

Making sure you brush twice a day, floss at least once a day and see your dental professional at least twice a year to help prevent even minor gum disease.  In addition, quitting smoking, living a healthier lifestyle and maintaining your blood glucose can help make your Diabetes just something to watch instead of something that affect the quality of your life!


The other day, I decided to treat my neighbor’s father, who just moved in with her a few months ago, to a Colgate Total Oral Care Basket.  He has been having some health issues lately and among them is the mention of Diabetes.  He is a Veteran and that motivates me even more.  Plus, he lived on Social Security so I know every little bit helps!  He is a wonderful man with a HUGE heart and is always so sweet to my girls and always so uplifting!


I took Sarah and Megan and headed to my local Walmart Neighborhood Market store.  And right in the front was the Heath Care section.  It took no time to find what I was looking for!  The Colgate Total display that boasts the toothpaste – complete with $15 in coupons – and the awesome fact sheet about Diabetes and a $1.00 off coupon!  I grabbed a couple of tubes, the Colgate Total Whitening and Colgate Total Advanced and headed down the aisle to find more Oral Care products.  I got some Colgate Optic White Mouthwash – my favorite mouthwash – and several toothbrushes that were only $0.97 each!  And then, of course, the girls had to get a bottle of the “green” toothpaste, Colgate Kids Watermelon!

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Once home, I placed the items in a basket with the pamphlet and, not wanting to be “here is an Oral Care basket because I know you have diabetes and might need it”, I left it on their doorstep and rang the doorbell.  He is also very camera shy so that eliminated and embarrassment from the donation.

But I got a call later from his daughter thanking me profusely and telling me that he was so excited about the basket and really touched that I would think of him!  Considering that he has spent his life making sure his daughter and sons and grandsons were all cared for and loved, I’d say it is about time someone did something for him!

Colgate Total

Do you have Diabetes?  Do you know someone who does?  Then check out the Colgate Total display and pamphlet about how it can help you or the one you love!  And consider sharing the information and product with someone you know.  It does not cost a lot to share but the reward can be priceless!


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