I love water.  I do.  I drink a ton of it and try to get my kids to also.  In fact, Sarah will only drink water or milk and will not even taste a juice product.  Great, really, but I wish she would try more things!

So when I saw all the buzz on Facebook and Twitter about Clear American Sparkling Water from Walmart, I HAD to try it!  We had never had any type of sparkling water in our house so this was a true test of the product!   I told my husband what I was doing and he looked at me like I was crazy.  “Sparkling water?” he said!


Determined to show him, HA, I headed to Walmart right away.  I made my way to the beverage section and was shocked at the amazing array of flavors and sizes available!  From 2 Liters to 8 Ouncers, Black Cherry to Pineapple Coconut!  And get THIS!  All of it is super affordable.  A 1 Liter bottle is just .68 cents at my Walmart, the 2 Liters just .98 cents!  And I think the 4 packs of 8 ounce waters were just $1.17 for 4!

As I stood on the beverage aisle, completely stuck as to how many of the huge selections of water I wanted to try, I was  amazed at the variety of bottling sizes.  There are cans, small bottles, large bottles and in every flavor.  I really like that I had options.

Not able to decided, I chose 7 flavors to bring home.

See my whole shop and more below:

When I got home, my husband had my kids out on the water slide, for the second time in two days, so I took several bottles out to them.  I opened the Golden Peach, took a sip, and then continued to drink almost the whole bottle!  WOW!  This stuff is GOOD!

No really, it is!!

When my girls came up asking for water, I handed it over.  They were skeptical so I gave some to my husband for his to try and them to see.  He loved it and took one of the bottles with him to continue to drink!  And he is a water or soft drink only kind of guy.

My kids saw his enjoyment and gave it a shot!  Lo an behold, they really liked it!  Even my water or milk only Sarah liked it!

Megan, however, because instantly hooked and wanted to try every bottle and even take it to the slide with her.  Which I let her do!

I LOVE LOVE that Clear American Sparkling Water from Walmart is ZERO everything!  Zero calories, Zero sugars, Zero caffeine and Zero sodium.  And the natural flavors are really good.  A hint to help the water go down!

Head to Walmart and spend some piggy bank change for some of this awesome sparkling water!  I bet you come back and tell me that is is AWESOME!  We now have a permanent supply!

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