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My grandmother was a pretty amazing lady. When I was adopted at the age of 8, she took me under her wing and made the transition to granddaughter seamless. We lost her many years ago but I can still be taken back to her house, the aroma of dinner cooking while I tasted the honeysuckle off the blooming bushes in the back yard. My grandmother was a beautiful woman, both inside and out and to this day, one of the most influential woman in my life. I remember sitting in her small bathroom with her, Pond’s on the sink to be used when she was taking off her make up, a fresh bar of Dove soap in the soap dish hanging on the wall, and a container of Vaseline lotion on her bed stand.

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Classic beauty with classic products like Ponds, Vaseline and Dove!

To this day, walking down the aisles of Walgreens, I see these products and I remember her. Her incredibly soft cheeks that I would grab and kiss, her soft and gentle hands I would hold when we crossed the street. The gentle scent of that new bar of Dove as she opened it so I could use it in the tub. But sometimes, standing in the beauty aisle with so many options, I forget that the classics are exactly what I need for my own beauty routine. With so many different products and ingredients to choose from, its tough to decide which product is best for my  skin. Thankfully products like POND’S, Dove and Vaseline have stood the test of time, so it’s easy to trust these classic products. Luckily, while visiting Walgreens the other day, I saw a deal that was not only enticing, but included those classic products that have been making woman beautiful for decades!

Dove, Pond's and Vaseline are on sale at Walgreens! #ShopTheClassics #ad

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For years I have tried product after product when washing my face and taking off make up. Some are great and seem to do what they say and some not so much. But I know that when I remember to purchase POND’S Cold Cream – Moisturizing Deep Cleanser & Makeup Remover, I will have softer skin just by using it to remove that make-up. There is a reason your skin is so soft after using Pond’s. Unlike other cleaners, it is 50% moisturizer. It is hypoallergenic, won’t clog pores and gives you that deep clean you need, even on stubborn waterproof make up. I love it and using it always takes me back to Grandmother’s bathroom!

Classic beauty is easier with products that have stood the test of time.

There was rarely a time that my Grandmother went into her room that she did not pump Vaseline Essential Healing Lotion on her hands. She had the softest hands I have ever felt. Why I have not gotten into the habit is beyond me. Especially since I remember my mother doing the same thing. SO I was happy to stock up on it so that I can have it around the house and remember to use it as well. I have dry skin and it is best for dry, cracked skin. In addition, it absorbs fast for a non greasy feel which is so important to me!

If you have not washed with Dove Bar Soap in a while, let me remind you of how amazing it is and how wonderful your skin feels after. Dove contains 1/4 pure moisturizing cream and mild cleansers that help leave skin clean, soft and smooth. I love the soft and smooth feeling of my skin after a shower and it takes me back to wrapping myself in a robe and snuggling with my Grandmother after bath time.

Dove soap has always been a part of a classic beauty routine.

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Sometimes the things that have been around for a while are the best option for beauty care. I am a firm believer that if it was good enough for my beautiful Grandmother and my beautiful mother than it is defiantly good enough for me.

Make sure to take care of your skin this August with the classics. And don’t forget, stocking up is easy with the Buy One, Get One 50% off* with your Walgreens card on Dove, POND’S or Vaseline Bath or Skin Care!

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