Well, I will be 40 in 2 weeks – November 18 for those of you tracking and I like jewelry, chocolate, coffee and wine…. what?  people ask!! – and I may not make my goal of losing 40 pounds by 40.

Cinch Diet Plan

HOWEVER, I am still THRILLED to be down 22 pounds total so far.  My measurements have not changed – again – but I hope to make that happen this month for sure!

Now, I know that it has been 4 months but I still think that is A MAZ ING!

Especially since that time has been littered with my divorce, single motherhood, an awesome cruise and just life in general!  So, I compliment myself on losing 2 more pounds this month!

Truth me told I would have lost more – and was on track before the cruise – but whoever thinks they can diet on a boat for 8 days is CRAZY!  That’s my story and I am sticking to it! But since the average weight gain is 7 – 11 pounds on a cruise – YES!! – I am thrilled that I still net lost this month!

How did I do it?  With the Cinch Plan from the Shaklee Corporation!  I thought this month I would introduce you to the plan and the foods you get!  Check it out below:

I have 2 months left on the CINCH plan and can not wait to see what my results are.  I may not lose 40 pounds but I am OK with that.  I am still maintaining what I have lost, losing slowly and LOVING the ease and deliciousness of the plan!

Check out all of the awesome bloggers under the Twitter Hashtag #CINSPIRATION and get inspired to make a change in your life, th easy way!

Website:  http://bit.ly/JuSq70
Cinch Science**: http://bit.ly/JE1n0g
Cinch Success Stories: http://bit.ly/JMHmWJ



I’ll keep you updated on how I am doing!  I look forward to sharing my #Cinchspiration journey with you!

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