Well here we are.  Month 5 of my Cinch plan with the Shaklee Corporation and I am feeling better than ever!  I am down from about 180 to start to 154 this morning! YES!  I KNOW!


I feel GREAT!  I feel pretty and sexy and people are noticing all over the place.  My size 12 jeans are falling off of me and these are down from 16’s a few months ago.  I am actually afraid to go to the store and see if I am a smaller size now in case I am not!  So, I just will wear baggy jeans until I can build up my confidence!

My video this month focuses on exercise and how you can get it when you least expect it.  Again, I do not have a videographer – she’s been working late – so bear with me as I try to explain this without a face ;)  But my point is that it does not matter what you do.  If you can make small changes in your life, you can create ways to get exercise without the stress of HAVING to exercise!

As you can see, it is definitely not your typical running, work out video type of exercise.  But with the new found energy I have found, I have to combine my exercise with productivity!

Where I started: 180 pounds.  I have a 48 inch waist, 27″ thighs, 46″ chest and 14″ arms


Where I am now:  154 pounds.  I now have a 37.5 inch waist, 22″ thighs, and 12″ arms

Cinch Month 5

So, in 5 months I am down 26 pounds, 10.5″ in my waist, 5″ in my thighs and 2″ in my arms.

Find out more about Shaklee and what they can do for you too!

Website:  http://bit.ly/JuSq70
Cinch Science**: http://bit.ly/JE1n0g
Cinch Success Stories: http://bit.ly/JMHmWJ



I’ll keep you updated on how I am doing!  I look forward to sharing my #Cinchspiration journey with you!

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