I love Christmas!  All parts of Christmas.  The waking up, the opening of the gifts, the stuffing myself until I fall into a turkey coma while the kids open every single toy that they received.

And I really love playing Santa… errr.. Mrs. Claus.   The late night frantic wrapping with a cup of hot coffee by my side and a cheesy grin on my face as I imagine what the girls will think of their gifts.

But, at least to me, Christmas really starts with the ordering of the Christmas cards!   Ever since Katie was a baby, I have done photo Christmas cards.  I can open my drawer in my desk and see all of them, one more girl added each year, smiling happily in their Christmas dresses!  Every year they offer me a walk down memory lane.

I think my favorite card to date is the first one we did with all three girls.  The smiles of our three little ladies radiate on the card and I still pull it out to look at it today!

As the years go on, I want to be more creative with the cards.  I want to have more unique Christmas cards to display my growing girls on!  Something with a little style that you don’t see every day.

And I might just turn to Storkie.com to find one!  I am loving what I see on the Storkie.com website!  From personalized postage stamps to colorful, creative, and one of a kind cards, this site seems to have it all!   Add in that the luxury of procrastination because with Storkie Express, orders placed before noon are shipped the next business day, and I already hear sleigh bells on my roof!

For a busy mom running around trying to keep her Mrs. Claus hat on and batteling tape until the wee hours of the morning, that is a definite bonus to us!

I have bookmarked Storkie.com this Christmas in July!  And now I will wait until the very last minute to order some really fun and pretty cards for them to ship the next day!

If only they would stamp and mail them too!

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