Buying for mom is always tough. I mean… Mom’s seem to have everything, right? When the Christmas season rolls around, I kind of hope that Mom’s television breaks down. That way, I have a ready made replacement gift without a ton of fuss or muss. It is for this reason that I taken a new direction with Christmas gifts for mom….I make her cry uncontrollably.

Sentimental Christmas Gifts for Mom

I kid, but not really. Giving mom a sentimental Christmas gift always does the trick. Moms are like that. Although moms are highly functioning, powerful, independent beings capable of incredible feats of strength, they also can become a withering pile of mush at the first sign of a pile of old pictures of their babies.

To that end, I have tapped into a gold mine of simple, yet effective Christmas gifts for Mom. Here are a few to consider this Holiday season:

The Classic “Me in a Frame” Christmas Gift For Mom

This is the simplest of all the Mom Christmas gifts but it works every single time. Simply locate the oldest picture you can find of Mom’s kids, preferably in the bathtub or sitting on her lap, and blow it up. Then put it in a rustic, old fashioned frame that hearkens back to her younger days. This is a surefire winner with Moms across the planet and they will almost certainly wax poetic at the very sight of it. Beware of the ocean of stories that will almost certainly follow after opening it.

Put Together a Scrapbook

When you gather up important pieces of her past and put them in a scrapbook, Mom will almost certainly appreciate it. Find any little thing that reminds her of how special she is. Old awards, diplomas or certificates and pictures can make for a wonderful scrap book. Perhaps some old love letters from dad along with some pieces of memorabilia can round out the scrapbook. Be sure to get permission before altering anything with things such as glue.

Organize a Memory Tour

One of the coolest Christmas gifts for Mom is to take her on a tour of the past. If her past is local, this is much easier and economical, but you can do it reasonably inexpensive even if you have to travel. Take her to see her childhood home, the hospital where you were born, the place where she spent her honeymoon and any other important landmarks you can think up. This is such a good time and it will bring back oceans of memories that you can enjoy together.

Put Together a Treasure Box

Moms almost universally enjoy hearing about their kids. Why not make a treasure box of your life? Put little tokens of your stages in life and write her a note about each one. Explain and show how she inspired you or helped you to reach your dreams and goals. It is a wonderful way to say thank you and to bring back memories for your dear old mom. Large or small, a treasure box is a fantastic Christmas gift for mom.

These are some of my favorite sentimental Christmas gifts for mom… What are your favorites?

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