Throughout history, boys have been giving girls less than stellar gifts. Christmas is particularly scary for us women because it allows for men to do so on a big stage. It is one thing to get a horrible gift from your man in the privacy of your own home. During the Holidays, there is a better than average chance your gift will be opened with other people around.

Christmas Gifts for Girls You Had Best Not Consider

Because I am always looking to improve our situation gals, I decided to come up with a list that could help men out… A dummy proof solution of sorts.

To this end, here are five Christmas gifts for girls that men should avoid at all costs. Because your man will probably ask why, I also included some information to share along with them. Leave this list in a prominent location where your man will find it….you know… like on the fridge or the toilet.


On the surface, this one sounds like it would not be so bad. Unfortunately, men are not very likely to get the right size. In fact, most men don’t even understand our sizing systems. When a man brings you a dress or outfit that is two sizes two big, he is sending a message. When it is two sizes too small, he is sending a message. Neither message is one I want to be getting.

Tickets to the Monster Trucks

This also applies to the ball game, Metallica concert or any other thing that he is into and you are not. (No offense to those metal head ladies or monster truck Divas out there intended). The point is, if the gift is clearly for him and not for you, he needs to move on to other choices.


While I do like to occasionally jazz things up if I am in a relationship, this is almost always going to be a poor choice for a man to give as a Christmas gift. The last thing I want is for my father to watch me open up my Naughty Nurse Nancy outfit while sipping his egg nog. Perhaps this gift is one better left for a private Valentine’s Day.


Yes, honey. I love that beautiful new toaster to make the breakfast I give you each morning with your coffee faster. Thanks so much for considering my time so thoughtfully. That is exactly what I wanted for Christmas! For my birthday I would love a new Vacuum cleaner to do your floors!

A Regifted Special

Perhaps the worst Christmas gifts for girls are the ones that came from your man’s grandmother or aunt. You know the one that still has the tape on it from the previous wrapping? When he re-wrapped that fruit cake, he missed a few pieces of tape in his rush. That is what happens when a man realizes that he forgot to get you anything and he needs something last minute. If he clearly did not buy it for you, he should not even consider it. That is the ultimate insult.

Christmas gifts for girls are really not all that complicated. You simply have to think outside of yourself, men, and take a little time with it. We gals are worth it, right?  Think diamonds and go down from there!

These are my worst Christmas gifts to get….who has others they want to share? We would love to hear your horror stories in the comments below!