Nope, this is not a sponsored post.  And nope, I was not asked to do it even though I have an affiliation with Chevy.   I simply LOVE my Suburban that I bought this year and wanted to share why!  Plus, I have so many ask me about gas mileage and the ease of use with three kids that I thought it might help some of you who are holiday shopping for cars for your family this year!

I LOVE my Chevy Suburban!  I will probably cry the day I have to put her to rest.  She is sturdy, fun to drive, pretty and reliable.  But there are some things you might not know about a Suburban and they are less advertised than the safety features!  So, I thought I would share them!

5 Things I LOVE About My Chevy Suburban

1)  She looks really good as a Reindeer!  Not all cars do, you know?  But this big, sturdy Suburban can fly through the streets with style and grace.  This is a very important feature for the little ones in the family.

Chevy Suburban

2)  The gas mileage is NOT a concern.  My minivan ate $80 a week and guzzled it at an average of 14 miles per gallon.  Everyone told me the Suburban would kill me in gas costs.  The truth is, that same $80 gets me almost a full tank of gas and I average about 14 – 16 miles per gallon.  In fact, my last tank averaged 15.7.  Now, I know there are cars out there that get 40 mpg and more.  But those are little cars that my family would not fit in.  So, for a HUGE car with all of this space, style and usefulness to my family, I get the same bang for my buck as I did in my mommy mobile.  But I look a lot cooler getting in and out of it!

3)  I love the mommy dashboard.  Why do I call it that?  Because with 3 screaming kids all wanting me to change the radio station, turn on the air conditioning, turn off the radio, turn the air higher, roll down the windows – no, not that far, no, mommy, all the way – I keep my eyes firmly on the road and need ease in reading how I am doing.  The dash board is large, easy to glance down at for speed, gas usage and so on.  There are these great little buttons on the side that I can push and get info on my car too.  I just love it and, though it may seem like a silly thing to mention, my last car’s dash drove me NUTS!  LOL

Chevy Suburban

4)  The interior space is awesome!  I sit three car seats comfortably in my Suburban.  That leaves enough space for another car seat if one of my daughters brings along a friend.  An adult can easily fit in the back with the kids too!  I used to sit back with them on road trips and loved it!  PLUS, even with all of the car seats and such, I have a HUGE storage area in the back for groceries, strollers, suitcases and more.  My minivan would never fit the stuff this Suburban does into it.

Inside a Chevy Suburban

5)  Knowing every morning that it is going to start!  I love this view – see the video!  There is nothing better than knowing that I will carry my family safely to and from in the Suburban.  It is amazingly easy to drive, rides like a dream, commands respect on the road and makes me feel like more than just a mom!

There is so much MORE I love about my Suburban but this is getting long!  If you have hesitated purchasing a Chevy Suburban because you were afraid it would be too big, take too much gas or you would not be able to handle it, trust me.  This 5’1″ single mom loves her Chevy Suburban and thinks every cool mom should have one!


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**I wrote this cause I love my Chevy.  So there!**