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A Day at the Houston Aquarium with the Chevy Malibu

It had been too long. My girls were on their third 10 day stay with their dad and I was all done being without them. So when the opportunity popped up to spend the evening at the Houston Aquarium with them, I took it! When I realized that I could take them in the Chevy Malibu that I was test driving for the week, I was even more excited! This is an economy car that masquerades as a luxury car and I loved showing up in style to the Aquarium with my kids safely tucked in the back!

Posted by A Day in Motherhood on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The girls and I have not been to the Houston Aquarium in forever. So being able to take them was a real treat. In the Houston heat, the evening was best if I wanted to take them on the rides outside. It was a surprise so when I picked them up in the sleek, stylish Malibu, they were very happy girls!

A Day at the Houston Aquarium with the Chevy Malibu and wonderful fish

They all fit across the back easily, even with two booster seats for my youngest girls. We hit Houston traffic with the radio baring and an excitement in the air. Pulling up to the Houston Aquarium, we valet parked the car and listened as people chatted about how sleek it looked as they passed it.

A Day at the Houston Aquarium with the Chevy Malibu with face painting

As the girls and I hit the restaurant for some delicious food, we watched the fish swim around us. The Houston Aquarium is an entertainment delight in downtown Houston. It featured the stingray exhibit which let us ‘pet’ them, much to the delight of the girls. Even my squeamish Megan held a cold fish so the stingrays could eat from her hands!

A Day at the Houston Aquarium with the Chevy Malibu with Sarah

As we walked around looking at the myriad of super cool fish, snakes, bugs and more, the cool cavern atmosphere of the indoor Aquarium thrilled us from nook and cranny to nook and cranny!

A Day at the Houston Aquarium with the Chevy Malibu with seahorses

Learning that the shark exhibit was outside, we headed out into the warm Houston evening to catch train to the sharks which swam overhead as we stopped to watch! I listened as the kids screamed with delight as the sharks swam all around them.

A Day at the Houston Aquarium with the Chevy Malibu and the sharks

At the end of the night, we hit the outdoor rides and carnival. The kids rode rides over and over again and Megan even got her face painted. We ended the night with a breathtaking ride on the Ferris wheel.

Tired but happy with our adventure, we piled back into the beautiful and comfortable Malibu and headed back to the kid’s dad’s house.

A Day at the Houston Aquarium with the Chevy Malibu and night style

If you have ever driven in Houston traffic, you know how crazy it can be. In a car that is shorter than many of the trucks and SUV’s on the road today, I felt completely safe thanks to the safety features that surrounded us in the car. Here are just a few of the wonderful things offered in the Chevy Malibu:

While I'm sitting and waiting on something I think I'll show you the beautiful #ChevyMalibu I am getting to drive this week! Have you driven one? #Chevrolet Chevrolet #ad

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4G LTE Wi-Fi availability

This feature allows you to stay connected on the road, Skype or video chat, stay on top of work if needed, and stream movies, etc. from the road. Can connect 7 devices at once- that means your family will be entertained and can download movies, TV shows or books to your device on the road without using any data!

OnStar Technology

OnStar offers Turn-by-Turn Directions with the touch of a button and simply telling an Advisor where you want to go. Directions can also be sent to your in-vehicle navigation system by asking the Advisor to download directions to your vehicle.

OnStar AtYourService is a new way to discover value in the places you go, providing you with better ways to eat, shop, and play. AtYourService connects drivers with retailers and merchants on their drive, providing information, convenience and money-saving values tied to their specific destinations. When you’re not driving, get valuable offers delivered directly to your myChevrolet app or through an Advisor with a simple press of the blue OnStar button.

Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto:

Apple CarPlay takes the iPhone features you’d want to access while driving and puts them on the vehicle’s display- so you can make calls, send/ receive messages and listen to your favorite playlists right from the touchscreen or by voice via Siri.

Android Auto is built around Google Maps giving you the ability to talk to Google and use several different apps straight from your cars display screen.

myChevrolet Mobile App

The myChevrolet app turns your mobile device into a command center for your vehicle. This app allows you to start/stop your engine and lock/unlock your doors from your smart phone. You can even send destinations to your available navigation system, view diagnostic information, customize Wi-Fi settings and set parking reminders from virtually anywhere.

Teen Driver Technology

Standard Teen Driver technology helps drivers be more aware of their driving habits, so you can improve your skills every time you get behind the wheel. By inputting a PIN into your Chevrolet MyLink† display, this state-of-the-art technology can enable a host of features.

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