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I received a 6 HUGE rolls pack of Charmin Essentials Soft and immediately swapped out the toilet paper in my 4 bathrooms. The kids did not say anything about the swap but I love that these rolls last longer than my usual large rolls and that they are soft enough to use to wipe messy little faces! I need a toilet paper that is strong sometimes too, though, so I am glad that Charmin® has unveiled Charmin® Essentials Soft and Charmin® Essentials Strong, two new products designed to provide our families with more of what we want in our toilet paper. Plus, they did it at a comparable price to the product I currently use.

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With three daughters and countless friends coming in and out, toilet paper is an essential I have to get right. I have done the lesser cost brands and they seem to go so much faster. I guess smaller rolls and the excess needed to clean makes us go through it faster. In any event, after doing the math, I decided that I really was not saving on anything at all. So when I saw that Charmin Essentials offers me better protection in HUGE rolls for about the same as I was spending on then ‘bargain’ brands, I was sold!

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Get your FREE ROLL now and see why it matters what you have on your bathroom holder! Quality, price and reliability are all winning necessities for me and my busy household!

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