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A week or so ago I told you about my love for reading and how I am so proud of myself for seemingly to have passed on that love to my children.  But I don’t want to stop there and I don’t want to let kids fall through the cracks.  So I happily sent out notices to my neighborhood and held my Nickelodeon SIMPLE Service Book Drive on a rainy day when the football game of the year was on!  I did not care.  I glued myself to the television when waiting on donations and then went to greet generous neighbors when they came by! Be sure to pick up the Dora the Gymnast book at your local Walmart when you see it!  It would be a great book to donate and/ or keep a copy to read to your kids!

Read all about why I wanted so badly to help this month and how you can continue to help me throughout the month!

Little girl reading

Here is the thing.  My community has a lot of young mothers.  A lot of the time, young moms do not have a lot of disposable income and so a small luxury – like a book – can be very hard to come by.  So I asked around to find out which organizations could help the most people and came up with a ton.  Church’s, Boys and Girls Clubs and other organizations came up on the list. 

Little boy donating books

But I decided that the organization that would get the donations would be the Tomball Pregnancy Center.  I have donated to them before and they have been amazingly thankful.  In addition, most of the people that I knew that were coming to the Big Help Book  had little children.  So I knew that I would be collecting some books for the younger set.  So, I figured, the kids that would benefit the most from toddler and young children books would be the kids of these moms that are working hard to buy diapers and wish that they could also by books!

SO many of my neighbors warmed my heart with their generous donations.  In fact, I have an email box of so many more bringing books this afternoon that I decided to head to the Tomball Pregnancy Center tomorrow instead of today as originally planned.  One – I want the most books I can gather and a lot of people were at the game and Two – two of my three daughters are home tomorrow and I want them to experience the joy of giving to those who are not as blessed as they are with books galore!

Woman donating books

I will come back later and show you photos of my donations but I wanted to show you the book drive to get your interests in helping me tweaked!  I will collect books throughout October to donate during the month.  I ask that YOU, my trusty readers, help me spread the word about this amazing cause and what it can mean for that child who has not opened a book in their home in years!  My goal is to have – between my readers and myself – donated 1000 books this month!  I know, I know…  these things tend to fizzle out and people forget.  BUT, if we take  2 seconds to pick up that new book at the store or grab several off of our kids shelves to pass on to others, we can do this!  It takes little effort but delivers HUGE rewards!

If you help me, let me know and I will brag all over the net about you!

Tomball Pregnancy Center

Champions for Kids has been a big part of my year this year.  From donating Disney Christmas Stockings to Having a Sports Drive with Odwalla, I have enjoyed taking the time to do something SIMPLE that has such a large impact!  Join me and millions of others as we march toward their goal of reaching 20 million by 2020.  With the holidays coming up this is a GREAT WAY for you to give back and to help your kids understand the process and how rewarding it can be!’

Book Drive Donations

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