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For a few years now the kids and I have participated in Simple Service Projects with Champions for Kids. If you type in Champions for Kids in my search area on, you will see many projects that have brought me and my girls great joy over the years. More importantly, they have brought many children things they need that we are blessed to be able to provide! Participating is so easy and it is an amazing experience for kids. I can see the effects of the process in my kids as they are always asking what they can give. This Fall, we all can give back and help our school districts at the same time with the Fall Kids’ Essentials Program – running now through October 28, 2014 at your local Walmart!

REPORT YOUR #SIMPLEGiving Project Here for a Shot at the $10,000 for your School District

Fall Into Donating to Your School District with Champions for Kids & Your District Could WIN $10K  #SIMPLEGiving

Over the weekend I headed to my Walmart to get some fall essentials to donate. I have kids so I know what we go through the fastest and what we use the most. The top on the list is cereal and second is bath soaps, shampoos and more. These may not seem like high value items for someone but when you are struggling to feed a family, a box of cereal that you got as a donation can go a long way!

Fall Into Donating to Your School District with Champions for Kids & Your District Could WIN $10K  #SIMPLEGiving

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, over 16 million American children live in poverty. This means that in addition to being hungry, millions of children lack other basic items they need to thrive.

In fact, Feeding America reports that families who struggle financially often make difficult trade-offs: nearly three in four (73 percent) of low-income families have cut back on food in order to afford products such as personal care and baby care items. Research from the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child shows that food insecurity is linked to poorer performance in school and increased illness.

I mainly picked General Mills cereals because they also participate in the Box Tops program. Plus, the kids and I love their cereals. Since they are also one of the supporters of Champions for Kids and the Fall Kids’ Essentials program, I wanted to show my gratitude. Yes, my gratitude. They and Unilever are making it possible for the kids and I to donate with little effort. I just purchased the products and, when the bins get put in my Walmart store this week, I will drop the donations in the box. It is that easy!

Fall Into Donating to Your School District with Champions for Kids & Your District Could WIN $10K  #SIMPLEGiving

In addition, by donating to kids in my area, I am supporting my local School District because Champions for Kids, General Mills and Unilever are awarding school districts in each participating Walmart division that collect the most donated items. How are they doing this? First of all, ALL of the donations made stay in the district that the Walmart is located. So kids that your kids go to school with that need help will get it. No shipping it across the country. YOUR district benefits.

In addition, school districts can also win one of multiple awards, totaling $10,000.  Get more information on the prizing on the Champions for Kids website. But how cool is that? All school districts could benefit from a donation like this!

Fall Into Donating to Your School District with Champions for Kids & Your District Could WIN $10K  #SIMPLEGiving

As an added incentive to go to Walmart, where you probably do your weekly shopping anyway, purchase items to donate, put them in the Champions for Kids bins, take photos and then report your #SIMPLEService efforts, YOU could win prizes up to $10,000 for your district too! Participants can visit to learn more and share their stories for a chance to win one of several prizes totaling $10,000 on behalf of their school. Finalists will be highlighted on the Champions for Kids Facebook page where voters can ‘like’ and ‘share’ their favorite stories!

How do you give back to your community and your school district? There are many Simple Service Projects you and your kids can participate in year round on the Champions for Kids website. You will be so surprised at how easy and rewarding participating is for you and your kids!

Fall Into Donating to Your School District with Champions for Kids & Your District Could WIN $10K  #SIMPLEGiving

Champions for Kids makes it simple to give kids in your community the resources they need to thrive. By working with retailers, schools and volunteers to host in-store donation campaigns, service projects and community events, CFK has served more than 3,900,000 children in 50 states since 2004. The goal is to help 20 million children by the year 2020 through programs like SIMPLE Service and SIMPLE Giving, as well as events like RazorFest and the organization’s Annual Conference. Champions for Kids has donated to 29,000 community organizations to support children’s’ needs and has leveraged 208,000 people for their cause. Additional information about Champions for Kids can be found by visiting

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