Years ago I had a beautiful Beagle names Ali.  She was my life for many years.  I spoiled her rotten and made sure she had all that she needed in life.  For many years of her life she was a therapy dog.  She went through training – though being petted and letting others love on her came naturally to her – and we used to walk the halls of hospitals letting patients experience a little doggie love while going through a hard time.


As times have changed, I have added children to my family, lost my beloved Ali several years ago and had other dogs come and go, I have missed having one that could roam the halls again.  But I have come to realize that not all therapy pets need to be taken to hospitals and such.  A therapy dog can be the one sitting in your lap in your own living room.

Currently, my wonderful dog, Bud has been my therapy dog.  Through my divorce he has curled up with me, let me cry in his fur, made me laugh with his relentless pursuit of squirrels and is all around just here for me.  He is not trained.  He is not certified.  He is just loving and kind and a great dog and mine.


Cesar dog foods understands that every dog can be a therapy dog.  That is why Cesar created the Share a Story and Share the Love initiative, a social media campaign to help support and spotlight therapy dog organizations, to ensure people in need continue to receive the powerful benefits of a dog’s unconditional love.  The Share a Story and Share the Love campaign encourages dog lovers to share the heartwarming stories of therapy dogs through their social media communities such as Facebook and Twitter. In return,Cesar will share the love with three therapy dog organizations through donations that help continue the services they provide to people in need.

Since we all know that dogs are capable of lowering stress, anxiety and even blood pressure, it only makes sense that we should encourage more interaction with dogs and celebrate the connections!

Take some time out of your busy day to Share a Story and Share the Love today.  Help Cesar help those who help us!

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**I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.**