My dog, Bud, is a part of this family.  He is loved, cared for and way too spoiled to be out in the wild.  He snuggles and loves me and my girls and we try to treat him as well as we can! So he deserves the NEW CESAR® Meaty Selects that are out on shelves now!  This is the best dog food I have found for him recently.

Cesar Dog Food

One of the ways I like to spoil him is by giving him the best food for dogs that I can.  I like foods that are easy for him to eat – he is getting on in age and I am sensitive to any teeth pain – and that he likes.  He has always been a finicky eater so finding a brand and flavor he likes is important for me.

And since he is now my only dog – we used to have 3!, I tend to take a lot more care making sure the ingredients in the food I give him are the best possible.

Cesar’s Dog Food is consistently a favorite of his.  And now that they offer the NEW CESAR® Meaty Selects that come in a resealable 10-ounce can bursting with tender meaty chunks, he is even happier than before!  I love these cans as I can choose how much he has and save the rest!  I can serve it to him alone or on top of his dry food that he gets.   I can also open the can and use it to give him medications and vitamins that he needs to live a healthier life!

Cesar Dog Food

Now, Bud is used to this new food already but if you are going to introduce it, and I think you and your dog will happier for it, then make sure your gradually introduce it to help with his tummy digestion.  I do 25% new/ 75% old for a few days, then 50%/ 50% and so on.  By gradually introducing new foods, I can help eliminate unpleasant stools and upchucks that can happen with dogs.

As with any food for small dogs, you want to make sure your dog likes a variety and notate the flavor.  After all, if your dog loves something so much, you want to give it to him any time you can.  If for nothing else than to thank him for his daily loyalty!

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 **I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.**