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I firmly believe that taking care of one’s self starts on the inside out. A few weeks ago I told you how NEW Centrum® MultiGummies and the ease of taking them was helping me get the vitamins I need every day. A few weeks later, I am thrilled that I am still able to take them because they fit so easily into my lifestyle!

Taking My Vitamins Is a Lot Easier with NEW Centrum® MultiGummies + WIN 3 Bottles #CentrumVitamins #ad

Every morning I get up and make my coffee. I cannot begin my day without it. Any time after that, the kids start to filter in, one by one, asking for breakfast, milk and the daily schedule. Once they start the day for me, I tend to put myself aside and handle their needs. Often time it means that I forget to take my multivitamins. Part of the issue is that once the kids get into the kitchen, the extra step of finding a glass, getting water and taking a pill seems unimportant. But with the delicious Centrum® MultiGummies, I don’t need water! So I have no excuse for not opening the bottle and taking a few gummies!

Another time that I have found that Centrum® MultiGummies are easier than pills is when is travel! I have booked a few trips to get me out of the house this summer. But as all moms know, by the time we pack the kids and their toys, books and games, we leave something off the list for us! On my way out last week, I grabbed the Centrum® MultiGummies and threw them in my purse. Since I did not need a drink to take them, I popped a few in my mouth once on the road! In the hotel room it was just as easy to remember to take care of me a little!

Taking My Vitamins Is a Lot Easier with NEW Centrum® MultiGummies + WIN 3 Bottles #CentrumVitamins #ad

It may seem like a small thing, to take a multivitamin, but these new Centrum® MultiGummies are actually helping me to remember that the little things count. Starting with the basics of health can only lead to better decisions. The three flavors of Berry, Cherry and Orange taste delicious and are a great way to get your multivitamins easily!

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