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I am the first one to admit that I am remiss when it comes to taking care of me. I am motivated, I am… I just get so busy and preoccupied with all things kids and work and sort of forget about me until late at night. By then, I am exhausted, promising I will do better the next day, and the cycle begins again. So I have decided that baby steps will do me better than not doing anything at all. I need a multivitamin. Thing is, I cannot stand taking pills. So when I found Centrum® MultiGummies, I HAD to try them out!

Centrum MultiGummies Makes Taking Care of Us Easier #CentrumVitamins #ad

It turns out, I am not alone in my lack of selfish care.  46% of Americans cite lack of time as a reason why they do not eat a healthy, balanced diet. So a quick MultiGummies that you can pop in your mouth and go can really help us get those nutrients we need. Many Americans are looking for easy ways to get nutritional health support that fits into their daily lifestyle, especially during the summer months when routines change due to summer travel or simply enjoying more time outdoors. New Centrum® MultiGummies offers an enjoyable way to get vitamins and nutrients that support overall health.

Nine out of ten Americans lack the nutrients we need. I am one, as I mentioned. So a vitamin I will actually take is important. I have been taking the Centrum® MultiGummies for a week or so now and am amazed that I actually DO take them! I take 2 in the morning as my coffee is brewing. The flavors of Berry, Cherry and Orange are subtle but refreshing on my morning pallet. By the time my coffee is ready, I have taken my vitamins. It really is the easiest thing in the world for me. It is something I will actually stick with!

Centrum MultiGummies Makes Taking Care of Us Easier #CentrumVitamins #ad

Centrum® research found that many consumers were looking for a Centrum® brand multivitamin in a gummy formula. New Centrum® MultiGummies were created to provide a great-tasting, easy-to-take option with a formula of key nutrients to help support energy, immunity and metabolism. Centrum® MultiGummies includes key nutrients—like Vitamins B12, D and E— to help fill nutritional gaps and support the most important parts of you.

I am pretty excited about these new gummies. I grew up watching my parents take Centrum® and I have a real brand trust with them. Now that they have put out a product that I can take, even on my busiest morning, with little effort, they will stay in my cabinet too!

Centrum MultiGummies Makes Taking Care of Us Easier #CentrumVitamins #ad

Do you think you would stick to taking your vitamins more if you had Centrum® MultiGummies in your cabinet?

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