I was glued to the news yesterday watching for the verdict in the highest profile trial since possibly OJ Simpson’s Murder trial.

I have not watched much of the actual trial.  I had seen the updates on Twitter and Facebook and listened to the sensational information on television and concluded that she was a monster who murdered and dumped her daughter like trash.

Even though I had no evidence other than what I saw in snippets to think so.

However, as I watched yesterday, both before the verdict was read and after, I was shocked and amazed at the evidence, the lack of evidence, the actions of the attorneys, the activities of the defendant, the disregard and ‘playfulness’ of the family, and the complete dysfunction of it all.

I mean, in this case, there was perjury by the mother, liable by the defense attorney, a flimsy case by the prosecution, and a sensational hungry media.  All ingredients for a complete disaster.

This little girl died and was wrapped in bags and duct tape and thrown in a swamp.

She did not commit suicide.

She did not drown in the pool and wrap her own head in duct tape.

She did not throw herself into a swamp on her own.


And with the absence of any other suspect, the admission that the family was there when she died – trying to support the accident theory – there are just no other options!

This woman is responsibly for the death of her little girl!  Regardless of if she actually killed her or not!  She is the sole responsible party and should have known where her daughter was and what happened to her at all times.  And she should have told someone what happened to Caylee!  Not partying it up for 30 days until she finally started getting questions that she could not answer!

I am a mother.  I have had two 2 year olds and am a week away from having my third 2 year old.  If one of them so much as has a cold, I do not go out, party it up for 3 hours, much less days on end, and then when asked, send everyone on a wild goose chase trying to explain myself.

This case is sad.  And the outcome makes it even more sad.

Because unless they can bring up the much accused Dad on charges, no one will ever pay for the death of this baby.

And the pundits can debate and explain and rationalize until the wee hours of the morning.  It makes no difference to me.  That whole family is guilty in my opinion.  Maybe not all of murder, but all for covering up whatever happened to this beautiful girl.

I suppose I can just add this to my list of shocking moments that I will always remember where I was when I heard about them.

The Challenger Disaster

The OJ Verdict


The day Caylee Anthony got no justice.

Where were you when you heard?