I am so excited to tell you about the Cars 2 and Kimberly Clark program to help Moms win Cars 2 merchandise!

I could sum this up on one sentence, and I will, and then I will give you all of the nitty gritty details so that you too can get FREE Cars 2 merchandise just for buying thing you already purchase for your home!


Buy Kimberly Clark participating items, redeem the points on the tag online, and get really cool stuff!

OK, now the nitty gritty!

We use and stock up on Kimberly Clark products every single week in this family!  I have one still in Huggies Diapers and two still in Pull Ups at night.  We go through a container of Huggies Wipes in a few days, roll through Cottonelle Toilet Paper like nobody’s business, and continuously use Scott Paper Towels throughout the day!

Kleenex is on the back of every toilet, and Viva is possibly the softest paper towel I know so I buy it specifically to use as napkins on my kids faces!

Names we have probably all had in our homes at one time or another, right?

Kimberly Clark and Cars 2 think it is pretty neat that we support them so they decided to give us busy moms a little something back!

Hence the awesome thank you gifts available on the Kimberly Clark website when you redeem your codes!

Like Crayola Giant Coloring Pages, and $10 Visa Gift Cards, and Mattel Die Cast Cars 2 Cars! EVEN Cars 2 Movie Tickets!!!


And it is not just one little point per code either!  My Huggies Wipes got me 2 points and my Kleenex 3 Pack got me 6, and a pack of Jumbo Huggies Diapers that I got today gave me 12 more points!!  Twenty points on 3 products and I have the lowest value necessary to start redeeming and get giant coloring pages or a die cast Car!!

So here is what you do!

Go to the Kimberly Clark Website and sign up.  They ask for an email, a password, your address {to mail your loot}, and then opt in to participate in the program, accept their terms and you are off!

Buy any participating Kimberly Clark Item with the Cars 2 emblem on it, find your code, and enter it on the Kimberly Clark Website!  My wipes code was attached right on the package and my Kleenex code was inside the wrapper!  My diapers code was on the same tag as the Enjoy The Rewards program.

In addition, some items have additional prizes!  Like my Kleenex 3 Pack has 3 D Glasses and a code to go to the Disney Books website and get a FREE story and one month trial!  My kids are thrilled!

So, get your lists together of your Kimberly Clark stock up items, head to the store, and make sure you buy as many Cars 2 participating items as you can!  You have until the end of July to collect your codes!  Until the end of September to enter them and until October 31, 2011 to redeem for your prizes!

Seriously, if you plan to stock up like I do this summer, not only to get the codes but to make these things one less thing to run out of once school starts, you could potentially fill all of your kids gifting needs for the next year!  And yours!

Here is the list of participating items and the point value

(you may have to create an account to see this page)!

So get to shopping, stockpiling, and sharing with your family and friends this great opportunity to not only get great products, but also Cars 2 merchandise all at once!

**I received wipes, bath tissue, and Kleenex to try out and use as compensation for participating in the posting program for Kimberly Clark through Mom Bloggers Club.  My viewpoints and writings are 100% mine and can not be reused or duplicated without prior permission.  Please read the terms and conditions with Kimberly Clark prior to participating in this program.**