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I was recently diagnosed with pneumonia. My doctor told me I should have made an appointment earlier because I could have caught it before it got to such a severe point. My symptoms had started on Thursday but they got real on Saturday. But where was I supposed to go on Saturday? I’d been forgetting that I had the perfect place right up the road – CareNow Urgent Care – where I have taken my kids to many times. I waited for my doctor’s office to ‘try to fit me in’ while my condition got worse. All the while, there was a place just up the road that is open seven days a week and is staffed with the friendliest and most helpful people around, who could have helped me forgo the challenge of seeing my regular doctor.

Typical mom move, right? To find the perfect place to take my kids – which is fast, has limited waiting time and offers expert treatment – and forget that I could go there too.

I, like all moms out there, am busy. Taking a break for me is almost impossible. As we speak, I am trying to work, fold laundry, and plan a playdate for the kids. I simply do not have time to waste. So, while I was waiting in my doctor’s office waiting room forever for my own ‘I wore myself down and am now sick’ diagnosis, I wasted so much more time than would have had I gone to CareNow Urgent Care.

Located all over the country, CareNow Urgent Care prides itself on getting you in and out in no time. It aims to help improve your healthcare by seeing and treating you very soon after you walk in because let’s be honest, sitting in a waiting room for an hour or more because your doctor is trying to ‘fit you in’ is miserable. I was coughing, achy and sitting in a room full of people looking at me wondering if I were infecting them with whatever I had.

Last week I went into my local CareNow Urgent Care clinic just to take some photos and to look around. The waiting room was empty. Not because no one was coming in, but because after checking in and completing their paperwork, patients were seen right away. Physicians, nurses and staff at CareNow work hard to make sure everyone who comes in gets the help they need right away. You definitely want that in an urgent care facility.

I wish I had remembered that this was the place that helped Megan when she had a stomach bug, Sarah when she had a sliced open finger and Katie when she had a headache that was making her sick to her stomach. I wish I had remembered that they could have helped me on a Saturday, with almost no wait, so that I could have been on my way to getting better faster. I won’t make the mistake of forgetting them in the future – I even put their number in my phone!

CareNow Urgent Care is not just a place for kids who need care. It is also for adults! They take insurance and they do everything from immunizations to medical tests to occupational medicine.

Find the CareNow Urgent Care facility near you and take the waiting room out of your medical care!