As you may imagine, my iPhone gets a work out. I don’t know if Apple had bloggers and our crazy addiction to social media in mind when they built this phone, but it is the best for what I do. Of course, draining the battery with constant uploads and such is to be expected. Having to sit curled up in a corner while it charges is not fun, though. So when candywirez approached me to check out their super cute, colored, super long chargers, I was all about it!


My hot pink candywirez arrived a few weeks ago and I immediately opened it. It is clearly better made than the charging cord that comes with the iPhone that I have. On mine, the connector is flimsy and the cord is short. I can’t even play Candy Crush very well in bed late at night because the cord won’t reach the top of my tall bed.

It’s an issue as any Candy Crush addict can understand.

This cord not only has sturdy, metal connectors that I find hard to believe would ever fray, but it is 5 ft in length. YES- 5 Feet!


I can plug it in and easily reach my bed now. And it charges really fast so I can unhook it sooner too! As an added benefit, I am no longer curled up against the wall if I want to use it while it is charging! This is great for those wifi needs I have when I travel too. I can sit at a high table and know my charger will reach my phone should I need it too!

candywirez carries a myriad of bright, fun colors! You will always know which charger is yours! Plus, if you use the code NEWYEAR, you will get 20% off every purchase!


Get longer, better quality cords for your Apple and Android products and enjoy the extra freedom of movement and the fun excitement of bright colors!

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