Camp Blockbuster

It is no secret that we love movies in our house!  In fact, we wait all day and save up our TV time sometimes just so that we can watch a movie at night.  But buying all of the new movies that we want to see – or even some that we missed in the past – can get very expensive!  Now, though, we are members of Camp Blockbuster Pass Program and our lives just got easier!

Camp Blockbuster is offering families a new and creative form of entertainment as summer ends and kids make their way back to school and gear up for the holidays. The Camp Blockbuster Kids Pass is for use in-store and allows for 1 movie rental {or game!} at a time from the kids section (valued at $.99) at a monthly charge of $4.99 – it’s a great convenience – you never have to worry about late fees. This new Kids Pass offering is also available in 1 month, 6 month and 1 year gift cards making for the PERFECT holiday stocking stuffer or a simple way to bring cheer to kids year around!

How awesome is that?  Rent a kids movie – as many as you can watch and return throughout your time period – and only pay $4.99 a month for the access!  Considering we watch at least 1, if not 2 or more movies a week, this will be a great money saver for our family!

You can find your nearest Blockbuster Store online or on the Blockbuster Facebook Page!

Cap Blockbuster

To celebrate this awesome program that any movie loving family could use, Blockbuster is giving (3) of my readers and their families an awesome Camp Blockbuster backpack filled with an assortment of the latest kids movies, candies and an activity pack!

I got Madagascar, Cars, Rango and other movies that my kids LOVE -we watched Madagascar within hours of getting the backpack – 4 boxes of movie style candies and the activity pack that entertained my kids with coloring, word finds and more!  It really is great!  Plus you get a useful, durable backpack to use all year round!

SO take a moment to sign up for the Camp Blockbuster Kids Pass and take advantage of paying less than $5 for movies AND GAMES all month long with NO LATE FEES!

Enter to WIN your Camp Blockbuster Backpack using the Rafflecopter form below and GOOD LUCK!

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