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How to Make a Bunny Lollipops

The Easter Bunny is fluffing his tail, perking his ears and stretching his feet for a fun trip around the world, hiding the eggs kids will love! In the spirit of welcoming him with sweet treats, we are making super CUTE and fun Bunny Lollipops! These are SO fun an the kids love them! Perfect to put a place card on at the table, or just to send to that special teacher, Bunny Lollipops will make everyone smile!

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops for decor

What you need to make Bunny Lollipops

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops - what you need


Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks

White pipe cleaners

1.4 in white foam balls (head)

0.25 in white pom poms (cheeks)

0.2 in pink poms (nose)

0.28 in white pom poms (arms)

.28 in wiggle eyes

1 in Glitter pom poms ( bottom)


How to assemble Bunny Lollipops

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops for fun

Step by Step:

  1. Remove wrapper from lollipop and trim slightly
  2. Re-apply wrapper and secure with small hot glue dots
  3. Take your 1.4in foam ball and stick the lollipop trough the center an slide down until tightly against wrapper. You may secure it with hot glue but it isn’t necessary.

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops -start

  1. Take your wiggly eyes and apply a small hot glue gun dot to the back of each one. Quickly apply to the desired front of the foam ball as this is the start of your bunny’s face.
  2. Take your small 0.2 pink pom and glue directly between the eyes, and slightly below, for your bunny’s nose.
  3. Now take two of the .25in white poms and glue right below the nose, one on either side, for your bunny’s cheeks.

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops - make the face

  1. You will need two .28 white poms for the bunny’s arms. Use your hot glue gun and apply a small amount to each side of the lollipop in the area you would like the bunny’s arms. Apply the poms quickly as it allows you to adjust the placement location if needed.
  2. Take the white pipe cleaner and cut it in half. You will use one half for each ear. Fold the cut pieces in half, but do not crease, and form desired shape of ear. Gently stick each ear into the foam ball, one on each side of the lollipop stick.
  3. Take your glitter foam sheet and cut about 1in heart shape. Glue to the bottom (yet top of lollipop) to make your bunny’s feet.

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops - add the arms

  1. Turn around your bunny and add the cutest bunny tail ever. Apply hot glue to the center of lollipop and attach the 1in glitter pom.
  2. Lastly, use multiple pastel colored ribbons to make small hair bows for girls and small boy ties for the boys.

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops - add the tail

Enjoy the delight in your kids’ faces with these adorable bunny creations! They are the perfect craft for everyone and add such whimsy to your Easter decor!

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops - and hop with pride

How to Make a Bunny Lollipops - rear view

How would you dress up your Bunny Lollipops?