Back to School!  It is all we have heard for the last 6 weeks, wouldn’t you say?  My kids and I have been prepping for as long as well.  From putting in place a schedule that we have tried to adhere to to picking up good foods, fun clothes and more for that first week of fun!

Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) has been gearing up as well! In fact, they have, along with Disney, launched the Back to School Tool Initiative.   Basically, this is interactive fun for you!   All you do is play the Back to School Trivia game and for every 5 right answers, school supplies are donated to kids who really need them!

And don’t worry about missing the answers, they kind of help you out along the way (at least they helped me!).  Once you are done with your 5 questions, it tells you that a donation has been made!  How awesome is that?  Just take 30 seconds to answer and a child who needs a notebook, pencils, a backpack and more gets a valuable tool for a successful school year!

But Boys and Girls Club is not done there!

In August – and we still have time left, guys – JCPenney and BGCA have teamed up to help kids that need it too!

Just make a purchase at any JCPenney and tell them to ROUND UP your purchase!  Yep, that is it.  Super easy.  Your round up amount will go to the BGCA. Can you imagine how many kids we can help just by rounding up while picking up school things that we need anyway?

But BGCA is more than just raising money to help.  Check out the educational content and Back to School Tips that really help!  Every need ideas for Helping Kids Set Goals?  That and other valuable tips are available on the website.  Just check out the left hand side after you answer the quiz questions mentioned above!

These easy to do and wonderful programs take little effort from us all but make a huge impact for those who need it!  Take the quiz, Round Up at JCPenney and get some awesome tips to make your Back to School efforts easier.  All for the benefit of the Boys and Girls Club of America!

**I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Boys and Girls Club. I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.**