You can enter the H-E-B Box Tops Sweepstakes and win Box Tops for Education in Texas or collect them yourself… or both!


Box Tops for Education in Texas is as easy as buying cereal

Box Tops. You see post after post go up on blogs around the starting months of school. Creative crafts on how to hold onto them, how to encourage yourself and kids to remember them and how to donate them pepper the social media pages we all follow. There is a reason for that, thought. It is because Box Tops for Education in Texas really DO WORK! They help schools earn money they need to provide the things to our kids in order to get the best education possible! All it takes it purchasing the products you probably do anyway, like General Mills Cereals, cutting the Box Tops off and handing them over to the school! That’s IT! No extra money out of your pocket, no donation forms to fill out. Just hand them in.


Buy at H-E-B for Box Tops for Education in Texas

I am in H-E-B all the time. They have a special place in my heart as working there was my first job. I remember how friendly everyone was, how much attention to cleanliness and customer service was given and I learned how to work hard and to enjoy a job. So anytime I get to head over there for my weekly shopping trip, I am taken back to those days.

General Mills has Box Tops for Education in Texas

I also love their continued support of all things school in Texas. So the fact that they would have items with Box Tops for Education in Texas on their shelves is a given! The girls and I love General Mills Cereals. We love to cut the Box Tops for Education in Texas off and to save them up to turn in throughout the year. In fact, I have noticed that the kids actually choose cereals just because they have the Box Tops on them!

Box Tops for Education in Texas on Tiny Toast

Next time you walk into your child’s school and see a new band instrument, new books in the library or even a new garden being planted, consider that Box Tops for Education in Texas paid for it! Then thing of what your Box Tops on your products could do too!