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Protecting my Bone and Joint Health on the Tennis Court Keeps Me Playing Longer #Caltrate3in1 AD

Last year I decided that I needed to take up the sport I love most in the world again, tennis. I had not played in 10 years, giving it up when I had complications with my pregnancy with Katie. I missed it and often remember matches and tournaments with a longing to get back out on the courts. With the kids now all in school, I had my chance. I kicked any excuse I might have had left to the curb and hired a coach at a club. I had to see if I could still do it. At 42, I was afraid I had lost the zeal to hammer the ball across the net, painting the line by a hair in a backhand ace that used to be my signature. But as I got back into it, I realized it was still there. With age, though, comes wear and tear on the body too. I noticed after a few lessons that my elbows ached a little and my knees seemed to be taking a beating. So I added calcium to my diet. The other day, however, I noticed something new at Walgreens that can help me stay active and protect my bones and joints. NEW Caltrate Bone & Joint Health®.

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Protecting my Bone and Joint Health on the Tennis Court Keeps Me Playing Longer #Caltrate3in1 AD

With one tablet daily I get UC-II which supports healthy cartilage and promotes joint flexibility and health, Calcium + Vitamin D3 for bone strength and Extra Minerals for bone flexibility, I get the confidence I need to let go and truly perform on the tennis court. At my age and as hard as I play, I need all the help I can get to keep my favorite sport a part of my life again.

Tennis is one of those sports that combines aerobic exercise with muscle control, the ability to sprint and move in an instant and a mental sharpness that can only come with serious focus. I don’t play doubles as I am a power ground stroke player so I don’t do a lot of standing around. My coach and I have been known to go through 500 feeds of a tennis ball in a one hour lesson. I do several drills a week and then an hour and a half drill with 5 – 10 men on Saturday’s. Yes… I like to play fast, hard and ruthlessly. Blame years of tournaments, state rankings and a pure thrill of competition!

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I play tennis because I love it! With Caltrate Bone & Joint Health, I play wirh more confidence! What sport do you love? #Caltrate3In1 #AD

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Taking up tennis again is one of the best things I have done for me. I feel better, I look better, I have a lot of pride in my ability to regain a lot of my game and I am training for my first tournament which I hope will be later this year. After being gone from the sport for so long, it is amazing to know that I may be back in fighting shape sooner than later!

As I age I will have to monitor and keep check of my body and be super aware of it’s limitation. But daily maintenance of the parts I use most, like bones and joints, can help me feel like I can do more and go further with less worry!

Protecting my Bone and Joint Health on the Tennis Court Keeps Me Playing Longer #Caltrate3in1 AD

Anything that keeps me moving on the courts and serving aces to the opponent is a great thing for me!

When was the last time you gave thought to your bone and joint health? What activity do you participate in that you love? I would love to hear and see photos of you being active and healthy!

Protecting my Bone and Joint Health on the Tennis Court Keeps Me Playing Longer #Caltrate3in1 AD