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The BIG AZ Sandwich for breakfast is awesome

It is almost here! The BIG GAME! While I am planning for the party of the year, I am searching for the best food to serve! But, like most sports fans, I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen or out by the grill while the game is on. So I turn to reliable, delicious foods that can be made in a hurry! When you want a burger, though, that can be hard. But what is a football party without burgers? Thanks to a BIG AZ Sandwiches, you can have your burger and massive flavor too without the grill! Let me just tell you how awesome BIG AZ is!

Chicken, burger and breakfast BIG AZ Sandwich is delicious


The BIG AZ burgers and breakfasts are amazing and features over a half pound of hot food loaded with juicy and homemade flavor! Biting into one of these sandwiches introduces fresh grilled taste without the work on your part! They guarantee quality and fresh flavor in every bite! I can attest that they have succeeded! These convenience store consumer choice award winning sandwiches are amazing! I, for one, was very surprised at the variety of flavors an the freshness days after receiving them!

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Here is the deal on sandwiches that come from frozen. Those I have tried in the past have a hard time with the bun, mainly. I get that rock hard edge or they never cook to warm all the way through. You would think that these BIG AZ products, which are loaded with a half pound of food, would produce the same issues! But, fresh out of the microwave, the buns are soft, the cheese melted perfectly and the meat is warm and delicious!

This BIG AZ Sandwich is perfect for game day


Here are some deets on these great sandwiches!

BIG AZ Cheeseburger

One massive, protein packed beef patty topped with a decadent slice of American cheese, and all sewed on our world famous sesame bun

The BIG AZ Sandwich Jalapeno Burger has some kick


AZ Kickin’ Jalapeno Cheeseburger

A giant beef patty, tasty pepper-jack cheese, and zesty jalapenos between a delicious bun

BIG AZ Country Fried Chicken Sandwich

Huge crispy breaded chicken made with breast meat and topped with creamy white cheese and served on the world’s best sesame seed bun. Grab them at your local store hot from a sandwich warmer or grab one from the cooler case and heat it up fresh in a microwave.

The BIG AZ Sandwich chicken burger is amazing!

BIG AZ Biscuit Stacker 

The BIG AZ Biscuit Stacker™ starts with a fluffy protein packed egg, topped with melty American cheese and just to add some protein we’ve piled on our savory signature sausage and mouth-watering bacon. The heart and soul of our BIG AZ Biscuits is our tender, home-style buttermilk biscuit.

Make your football party great with a BIG AZ Sandwich

Now, I don’t know about you but being able to purchase my big game food ahead of time, store it in the fridge and then just heat it up right before the party is a winner in my book! But to be able to also give my guests great food that tastes fresh and delicious is even better! I am on the hunt for more BIG AZ Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches and have my COUPON ready to go as well!

Have you seen BIG AZ in your store? Check them out and let me know what you think!