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Best Buy #GreatestDad Gift Guide

What can I say about my dad? The one who is always there, always supportive and always willing to hide in the bathtub in order to win a game of hide and seek with my kids. Possibly the best Grandpa on the planet, he is the fun, energetic person that is always ready to goof off with them!

This year I was looking around the Best Buy website and trying to find the perfect gift for him. I would say dads fit into categories. There is Entertainer Dad who has the ultimate man cave for movies and more, the Guru Dad who has every new device before it comes out, the Fitness Fanatic who has better abs at 50 than he did at 20 and the Memory Maker dad; the one that chronicles memories for everyone to enjoy.

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Best Buy #GreatestDad Gift Guide

My dad is a little of all of these dads so the search was inclusive. Well, as inclusive as $50 – $100 can buy. I am a single mom on a budget, after all. I checked out the very helpful and comprehensive Best Buy Gift Center for guidance!

Now, I could get my dad something sensible… something like a phone case that will protect the thing he takes photos on, but if I had my choice, I would get him something to help his make more memories! Like the WowWee MIP Robot. With his iOS phone, he can control this bad boy and make memories with my nephews who are at his house almost every day!

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Best Buy #GreatestDad Gift Guide

Imagine the laughter and fun as this robot drives, dances, battles, balances, plays games, responds to motions and more and can be remotely controlled by a compatible iOS or Android cell phone for ease of use. The dual wheels allow smooth, simple mobility. They will LOVE it! And I will love the stories, videos and photos that come from them all playing with it!

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are the most fun! Anything on the Best Buy gift list could be considered fun, functional and affordable for dad! Shop by budget, the type of dad you have or just to look around to see what you want to buy in store!

What are you getting dad this year?

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